Award recipients

McGill David Hume Research Travel Grant


2018 Recipient

Emily Kelahan is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Illinois Wesleyan University. Her primary research subject is the work of Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume. While at Rare Books and Special Collections, Prof. Kelahan was studying Hume’s views on the rationality of belief in miracles and how these views bear on interpreting Hume as a virtue epistemologist, or one who believes intellectual virtues and vices play an important explanatory role in accounting for belief-formation.

You can read Prof. Kelahan's grant report here.




McGill Raymond Klibansky Collection Research Grant


2017 Recipient

Dr. Felix Waldmann, this year's recipient of the Raymond Klibansky Research Grant, is a Junior Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge. Dr. Waldmann's trip to Rare Books and Special Collections was to update his 2014 Further letters of David Hume. He also explored other aspects of the McGill David Hume collection.

You can read Dr. Waldmann's grant report here.

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