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Easy Growing level: Beginner
Moderately difficult Growing level: Intermediate
Challenging Growing level: Advanced
Full sun Needs full sun
Tolerates shade Tolerates partial shade
Attracts pollinators Attracts pollinators
Attracts beneficials Attracts beneficial insects
Suitable for containers Suitable for container gardening
Heirloom seed Heirloom seed
Quebec-origin seed Seed grown in Québec


Type Seed name Classification Description Seeds per packet


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Type Seed name Classification Description Seeds per Packet


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Type Seed name Classification Description Packets
Cabbage Tokyo Bekana Brassicaceae: Brassica oleracea

An open-headed Chinese cabbage, this cabbage is often mistaken for lettuce due to its frilly leaves. It has a spinach-like flavour with slight pepper undertones, and can be eaten raw or cooked.

ChallengingFull sunQuebec-origin seed

21 packets/Approx. 100 seeds per packet

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