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Finding us

The One Button Studio is located in Innovation Commons, Room B, next to the McGill Writing Centre on the main floor of the Redpath Library Building (map).
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C9


Ask an on-duty Innovation Commons Assistant near the 3D printers, or contact david.greene [at] (David Greene), the librarian who coordinates the Innovation Commons.


One Button Studio Basics

McGill Library’s One Button Studio provides McGill students and faculty with an easy-to-use, automated video recording studio in a soundproofed space including a high quality camera, lighting, and microphone. The studio can be reserved using our online booking system.

The automated studio works by inserting a USB storage device into the slot. Lights and camera will turn on and a live feed will show on the monitor. Press the button on the desk to start recording, and again to stop. When given the OK by on on-screen message, remove your storage device. Easy as that!

Students may book for up to 6 hours per week. Special accommodations for additional use may be arranged by emailing david.greene [at] (David Greene), the librarian who coordinates the Innovation Commons.

Click here to book your time slot!


What You'll Need

  1. A valid McGill email address for booking your time slot.
  2. A USB storage device (please bring your own).
  3. Please note that support for the One Button Studio is limited to the hours of the Innovation Commons Student Assistants, which can be found here. No support for equipment troubleshooting is available outside of these hours. If you have questions about the operation of the studio, please email 3dprint.library [at]


How It Works: Step-By-Step

  1. Book a time slot using our online booking system.
  2. Come by the loans desk in McLennan-Redpath with an email confirming your booking and ask for the studio key. It will be checked out to you like a book would be.
  3. Unlock the studio in Innovation Commons Room B (near the Writing Centre on the main floor of Redpath).
  4. Insert your USB drive into the connector on the desk. The lights will come on and the system will prepare for recording.
  5. When you are ready, press the button on the desk. A countdown will appear on the monitor, after which you can begin your presentation.
  6. When you are finished recording, press the button again to stop recording. Repeat this process for subsequent recordings.
  7. When prompted, remove your storage device.
  8. Return the key to the circulation desk.


Terms of Use

  • For use by McGill students, faculty and staff only.
  • May not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Use of the equipment to create obscene or offensive content is strictly prohibited.
  • Equipment in the space must be respected and should not be handled directly by users (including the camera, lighting, and computer equipment). Any errors must be resolved by the Innovation Commons Student Assistant(s) on duty.
  • Studio key must be returned to the loans desk immediately after use. Failure to return the key on time will result in significant fines.
  • Failure to abide by any of these terms will result in the revoking of your privilege to make use of the One Button Studio.

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