4. Empower staff providing service excellence: Focus on staff training

Develop a comprehensive training programme that meets the needs of all staff.

As technological advancements shift the mandate of modern libraries, today’s library staff must hone new skills to accommodate the evolving expectations placed upon them. Staff should be provided with the opportunity to grow and advance within the organization, from initial employment and throughout their time at McGill.

Actions Executive owner(s) Progress
Develop an Orientation Programme for new hires cohort model. Programme rolled out every six months.

HR and AD Planning & Resources

Not yet started/on hold


Provide training opportunities to develop in-depth expertise including Name Authority Cooperative Program/Program for Cooperative Cataloguing (NACO/PCC) training, liaison on-boarding, service, diversity, and management training.

Associate Deans
Develop yearly “Open Doors” orientation programme. Associate Deans Not yet started/on hold
Investigate increased SIS Student employment opportunities. AD Planning & Resources Not yet started/on hold

Completed completed | Ongoing ongoing | Not yet started/on hold not yet started or on hold

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