6. Preserve and share unique treasures with the world

Increase access to rare materials and spark collaboration.

The unique holdings in Rare and Special Collections, Osler, Art, and Archives (ROAAr) enrich, differentiate, and distinguish the Library, and the greater McGill community. With that conviction comes the responsibility of outreach and communications. This mandate is also driven by ROAAr’s commitment to active collaboration and a primary focus on user service. Our goal is to transform the student experience, unleash the research potential of ROAAr collections, and enhance community engagement with rare materials in a sustainable way.

To these ends, and building on feedback from the recent cyclical review, ROAAr will move forward by:

Actions Executive owner(s) Progress
Create a comprehensive and strategic communications plan. AD ROAAr Completed
Host public events and exhibits. AD ROAAr Completed
Develop community partnerships. AD ROAAr Completed
Explore new funding opportunities and digital platforms. AD ROAAr, AD Digital Initiatives, Dean Completed
Increase visibility of the collections to expand user base and support innovative research and teaching using rare materials. AD ROAAr, AD Digital Initiatives, AD Collection Services Completed

Completed completed | Ongoing ongoing | Not yet started/on hold not yet started or on hold

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