6. Reimagine current and future storage plans

The Library is currently facing significant space and storage issues that are hindering the academic potential of users. To accommodate their needs, a plan must be devised in concert with external and internal stakeholders to establish guidelines for the materials to be stored in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System. Immediate storage issues faced in all branches, the Currie Gym and Archives to be addressed in the short term.

Actions Executive owner Progress
Create storage and material preparation plan for items to be moved into automated storage facility. SD, Planning & Resources

Improve Currie Gym layout and access. SD, Planning & Resources

Launch pilot plan in HSSL to address weeding and prepare space for potential collection relocation. SD, Planning & Resources

Relocate additional Schulich materials to free up student space. SD, Planning & Resources

Investigate partnering with fellow Quebec Universities. Dean

Completed completed | Ongoing ongoing | Not yet started/on hold not yet started or on hold

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