5. Investigate Shared Library Services Platform

The Library is currently in discussion with 17 other university libraries in Quebec about the implementation of a shared library services platform. This landmark project would allow for a collaborative pooling of the libraries’ services and collections, creating a unique portal for McGill students, faculty and researchers. McGill will support the shared initiative if the choice of system, implementation plan, timeline and one-time and ongoing costs meet the needs of McGill students, faculty and internal processes.

Actions Executive owner Progress
Elaborate the Final Business Plan SD, Academic Affairs
Submit an application for funding SD, Academic Affairs
Build agreements for collaboration (Cadre de gestion et de gouvernance) SD, Academic Affairs
Establish a detailed project cost estimate SD, Academic Affairs
Select a project manager (Roger Laframboise) SD, Academic Affairs
Design the project structure SD, Academic Affairs


Issue the Notice of Interest SD, Academic Affairs
Meet with selected prospective providers SD, Academic Affairs and some representatives on working groups

Prepare a Call for Tenders including a Competitive Dialog SD, Academic Affairs


Issue a Request for Proposal SD, Academic Affairs

Project Implementation Internal Project Team (TBD)

Completed completed | Ongoing ongoing | Not yet started/on hold not yet started or on hold

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