Strategic plan 2016-2017

McGill Library and Archives Strategic Priorities 2016+

[Archived: February 12, 2018; Originally posted: April 6, 2016]

As the heart of the campus, the McGill Library and Archives is committed to growing as a user-centred organization that places the students, faculty and researchers as the primary motivators for all decision making. All staff should be foremost focused and dedicated to meeting the needs of users who work and study in the Library’s spaces and utilize its services, both on-site and online.

Using those guiding principles, the Library staff embarked on a strategic intentions process in late 2015 and early 2016 to gain a better understanding of the issues facing the organization and the ways the services it offers can be improved. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and retreats, six diverse priorities were identified as key areas of focus in the years to come, each undertaken with the goal of ensuring the Library maintains the highest level of service to McGill’s student, faculty and researchers.

Each strategic area has a description of the main issues, the executive owner responsible for leading the effort and a progress “light”. In time, additional concrete actions will emerge from our work and further study of the larger initiatives, and all priorities are flexible processes that will unfold over the next few years.

  1. Staff for 21st century

  2. Encourage ingenuity and  innovation

  3. Strengthen organizational climate

  4. Implement Fiat Lux building project

  5. Investigate Shared Library Services Platform

  6. Reimagine current and future storage plans

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