2. Deliver innovative library support for students and faculty

Meet the needs of the community and achieve excellence in service.

The Library is always seeking new and innovative ways to be more responsive, reliable and timely in the development and delivery of our services. By thinking creatively, embracing change, embedding technological advancements, and taking risks, we hope to build services that not only meet user needs but exceed them.

Actions Executive owner(s) Progress
Integrate information literacy initiatives into the undergraduate experience. Develop and integrate strategic instruction programmes tailored for academic disciplines both in person and online. AD User Services
Expand Research Commons technologies and services to meet cross campus emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. AD User Services
Grow Digital Scholarship programme. AD Digital Initiatives
Support the integration of library resources into the curriculum. Transform the print reserves paradigm (e.g. easier link building, chapter scanning if not electronic & clear of copyright, etc.). Provide support online and in person to meet integration needs.

AD User Services and

AD Collection Services

Not yet started/on hold

Completed completed | Ongoing ongoing | Not yet started/on hold not yet started or on hold

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