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HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) & McGill's print collection

In response to COVID-19, over 2 million books from the Library's print collection (including in-copyright materials) are available online for all McGill students, faculty, and staff via the HathiTrust Digital Library's Emergency Temporary Access Service.

The Library's catalogue is your go-to destination for e-resources.

McGill students, faculty and staff members have access to millions of electronic resources. The Library has almost 3.5 million books available online (including access to digital copies through HathiTrust); 232,000 e-journals; 111,000 e-videos; more than 1,000 online databases; over 101,000 e-music recordings, and more. Students can access electronic items in the Library’s online catalogue. The Library’s Article/Chapter Scan Service is also available if students need materials from another institution. Lastly, some e-resource publishers have temporarily opened or expanded access to specific resources. All new or returning McGill students are invited to chat, email or text a liaison librarian for help. Online workshops are also available on a wide range of topics.

Instructions: Accessing ETAS from McGill's catalogue

Titles available to McGill through the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service can now be found in our Discovery catalogue. If a title is available via HathiTrust, an eBook or eJournal link belonging to the HathiTrust Emergency database will appear within the catalogue record.

1. To get started, enter your search terms in the catalogue search box. Print titles (currently for books and journals) that are available through the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access will have a HathiTrust link appearing underneath:


2. Click on the View eBook link and enter your McGill credentials:

3. Once in HathiTrust, click on “Check Out”.



Instructions: Accessing ETAS directly from the Hathi ETAS platform

McGill users can also access the digitized collections by searching the HathiTrust Digital Library. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. From anywhere on the HathiTrust website, click the yellow LOG IN button.
  2. Find and select “McGill University” in the list of partner institutions.
  3. Log in with your McGill email address and password.
  4. When you have successfully logged in, you will be returned to the HathiTrust website.
  5. Enter your search terms in the search bar and select the “Search HathiTrust” button to submit your search.


Watch this short how-to video by Houman Behzadi, Head Librarian at the Marvin Duchow Music Library.


Please note that:

  • Users will have 60 minutes of access to the book on the HathiTrust website during any session. Books will automatically be renewed if you remain active on the item and no other user has requested it.
  • Downloading of ETAS content is not available.
  • Access to in-copyright materials will be suspended once access to McGill’s print collections is reinstated.
  • The number of copies available for each book coincides with the number of print copies McGill owns. If McGill owns three copies of an item, for example, three McGill affiliates can access the book at any given time. If all copies are in use, users can request it but must wait until one is released.
  • This service is intended for individual research use and at this time, cannot accommodate group use (such as for a course).
  • This service is not available to alumni, retired staff/faculty, members of the community and other groups, because this exceptional access is only for current students and faculty of McGill related to copyright laws. 


McGill Library’s partnership with HathiTrust

This arrangement, which respects Canadian copyright law, has been made possible via McGill University Library’s membership in HathiTrust – a nonprofit partnership of academic and research institutions that preserves digitized books, journals and other print materials, and makes them as accessible as possible under copyright law.

By offering this service HathiTrust is helping the McGill Library to continue to support teaching and research while we are physically distancing to protect the health of our community.

For more information on HathiTrust and its Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) initiative visit the dedicated website.

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