Master Plan Appendix


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The Appendix for the McGill Library Feasibility Study Master Plan provides additional details and background across six areas: 

A. Vision/Scope Statement—Copy of the original Mission Statement for the proposed reimagining of the McGill Library, as well objectives and deliverables and their impact the Library's space, collection and services.

B. Master Plan Principles—List of the relevant Planning and Design Principles adopted by McGill's Board of Govenors in 2008 that establishes underlying guidelines for the University's mission and its growth.

C. Committee Members and Representatives—List of the individuals, both on- and off-campus, who participated in the Steering Committee and Communiation Committee during the project's development.

D. Planning Principles—Assumptions document establishing the key principles based on industry expertise, best practices from peer institutions and consultation with the McGill community.

E. Option Development—Detailed breakdown of the three initial Options, developed to explore all potential iterations of the project, that were used to create the final Preferred Option.  

F. Soft/Operation Costs for Off-site Storage Facility—Analysis of the life-cycle operational costs of an Automated Storage and Retrieval System at the downtown campus versus an off-site traditional storage facility (assumed to be at Macdonald campus). 

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