Schulich Library Advisory Committee

The Schulich Library Advisory Committee (SLAC) is made up of faculty members representing the Faculties of Science, Engineering, and Medicine; one student representing each of the student societies, one science and engineering librarian; and one life-sciences librarian. 

The Committee’s role is to advise the Head of the Schulich Library on policy matters relating to collections, services and specific user needs, and to consider questions under review by the Senate Committee on Libraries.

Members are appointed by their respective department or student society. The Chair of Schulich Library Advisory Committee has a seat on the Senate Committee on Libraries.


To be selected by the committee

Departmental representatives (to be confirmed for 2023-24)


Faculty Of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences

Dean, Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
svetlana.tikhonova [at] (Prof. Svetlana Tikhonova)


Faculty Of Engineering

Chemical Engineering
reghan.hill [at] (Prof. Reghan Hill)

Civil Engineering
dominic.frigon [at] (Prof. Dominic Frigon)

Electrical & Computer Engineering
dennis.giannacopoulos [at] (Prof. Dennis Giannacopoulos)

Mechanical Engineering [at] (Prof. Jianyu Li)

Mining and Materials Engineering
roderick.guthrie [at] (Prof. Rod Guthrie)


Faculty Of Medicine

Biomedical Engineering
robert.funnell [at] (Prof. Robert Funnell)

Human Genetics
yann.joly [at] (Prof. Yann Joly)

Nursing (Ingram School of)
No representative named

Physical and Occupational Therapy
keiko.thomas [at] (Prof. Keiko Thomas)

Postgraduate Medical Education
No representative named

Undergraduate Medical Education & Institute for Health Sciences Education
donald.boudreau [at] (Prof. Don Boudreau)


Faculty Of Science

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

frieder.schoeck [at] McGill.CA (Prof. Frieder Schoeck)

Ashok.Kakkar [at] McGill.CA (Prof. Ashok Kakkar)

Computer Science (School of)
claude.crepeau [at] (Prof. Claude Crépeau)

Earth & Planetary Sciences
olivia.jensen [at] (Prof. Olivia Jensen)


Mathematics & Statistics

rutledge [at] (Prof. Bob Rutledge)


Student representatives

Engineering Undergraduate Society
EUS VP Academic
vpacademic [at]

Medical Students' Society
MSS Vice-President Education
academics.mss [at]

Post Graduate Students' Society
PGSS Academic Affairs Officer
academic.pgss [at]

Science Undergraduate Society
SUS VP Academic
academic [at]


Library representatives

Head Librarian, Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering
natalie.waters [at] (Natalie Waters)

Physical Sciences and Engineering Liaison Librarian
schulich.library [at] (TBD)
Schulich Library

Life Sciences Liaison Librarian
schulich.library [at] (TBD)
Schulich Library



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