Macdonald Campus Library Advisory Committee

Terms of reference:

1. To advise the Macdonald Campus Librarian generally on policy matters concerning the library services, collection, allocations and the needs of library users. 

2. To serve as a liaison between library users and library staff. 

3. To provide updates on available services to constituents.


fernando.altamura [at] (F. Altamura)



Departmental Representatives

Animal Science 
matthias.klein [at] (M. Klein) (2024-2029)

Bieler School of Environment
kathy.roulet [at] (K. Roulet )(2020-2025)

Bioresource Engineering
fernando.altamura [at] (F. Altamura) (2021-2026)

Farm Management and Technology
pascal.theriault [at] (P. Thériault )(2020-2025)

Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry 
jennifer.ronholm [at] (J. Ronholm)  (2022-2024)

Institute of Parasitology
thavy.long [at] (T. Long) (2021-2026)

Natural Resource Sciences
denis.roy5 [at] (D. Roy) (2019-2024)

Plant Science
valerio-hoyos-villegas [at] (V. Hoyos-Villegas) (2019-2024)

School of Human Nutrition
hugo.melgar-quinonez [at] (H. Melgar-Quiñonez) (2020-2025)


Student Representatives

Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS)

Macdonald Campus Graduate Students' Society (MCGSS)



Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 
V. Orsat

Trenholme Dean of Libraries
G. Beaudry

Associate Dean, Research & Scholarship
natalie.waters [at] (N. Waters)

Chair, Macdonald Campus Committee on Information Technologies 
hamid.akbarzadeh [at] (A. Akbarzadeh)

Head Librarian, Macdonald Campus Library
emily.mackenzie [at] (E. MacKenzie)

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