E-resources on order

FAQ for e-resources on order

Q. How do I know an e-resource is on order?

A. The status of an e-resource is indicated by text in the access URL. An e-resource which has been ordered, but not yet activated, will have a link containing the status and the resource title, such as “ON ORDER (Journal of xyz)”. This lets you know that an order has been initiated.

Screenshot of on-order e-resource in WorldCat

Q. When will the e-resource become available?

A. An “on order” indication for an e-resource in WorldCat means our online access is currently being processed for payment or awaiting activation by the publisher. As soon as we receive confirmation that our access is live the “on order” link will be replaced with the correct full-text URL.

Q. How long does the order process take?

WorldCat permalinkA. Typically there is a delay of approximately 4 weeks to process and complete a new order. We first have to initiate payment and request access activation from the publisher. Occasionally this process can take longer. Use the WorldCat permalink as a reference to return to verify the status of an e-resource.

To find an item’s permalink, go to the item's detail page, click on "Permalink" in the upper right-hand corner

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