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As part of the Fiat Lux project, the McGill Library will be transferring a significant portion of the print collection in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library to a new storage facility. Space for 500,000 items will be available when the new library is completed, with the rest held remotely and available by request within a delay of 24 hours.

In order to ensure that both recent and highly used materials remain physically on campus, the library has produced a list of items that meet either of the following criteria:

  • Books published within the last 10 years
  • Books borrowed within the last 5 years

This list will serve as a first draft as we work towards the final list of material to remain on campus. Circulation history is the most reliable indicator that an item will be used again, therefore users would benefit overall from previously borrowed material staying on campus.

We understand that recency and loan history alone may not identify material that some of our users rely on in ways that placement in storage would negatively affect. Therefore, we are seeking input from faculty and students in order to identify any material that does not meet the above criteria, but which nevertheless would be beneficial to remain on campus for practical research or teaching needs.

Below are two sets of lists, broken down by subject, containing all the items that meet one of the above criteria (and would remain on campus) as well as those that do not (and would be sent to storage). If there are any individual items on the storage list that you would like to request remain on campus, please fill out this form, or write to collectionmanagement.library [at] or your liaison librarian with a list. We require you provide the barcode number of the item(s) you are requesting, which can be found in the far right column in each list, as this represents a unique identifier. Other information, such as author, title, and year, would also be helpful.

**There is now an added method of indicating titles you would like to see remain downtown. In each of the lists of titles designated for storage, there is a column labelled “Mark requested items (X).” You can download the excel file and use this column to mark individual items with an X to request they stay downtown. When you are done working with the list, save it and email the file as an attachment to collectionmanagement.library [at] Due to the size of the files, please make sure to send it from your McGill email account. If you have any issues with this, please contact us.**

These sets of lists below will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the requests made since the previous update. The final list will be compiled at the end of the summer, so please have your requests in by August 31, 2021. Even though the completion of the storage facility is still a couple years away, substantial preparation of the collection is needed. In order to be ready to transfer material when the facility opens, the future location of these items must be determined well ahead of time.

We will attempt to honour all requests, however the amount of material we can retain on campus is limited to approximately 450,000 items, as this will ensure we have room for newly published material. In order to respect this limit, retention of some material may require relegation to storage of other items otherwise meeting the criteria to remain. Consequently, the Library retains the right to make final decisions about the location of library materials.

It is also important to note that the type of storage facility we are building will allow for us to transfer material from the storage facility to the campus stacks (and vice-versa) should the need arise.

Please note that journals are not found within these lists, as only journal titles for which we have an ongoing print subscription will be retained on site.

Call number Subjects # Books to be sent # Books to remain
A General Works File 29 019 File 10 427
B, BC, BD, BH, BJ Philosophy File 29 350 File 19 090
BF Psychology File 14 861 File 7 718
BL, BM, BP, BQ, BR, BS, BT, BV, BX Religion File 63 178 File 25 611
C Auxiliary Sciences of History File 10 045 File 3 532
D World History File 133 520 File 51 419
E History of the Americas File 21 001 File 12 004
F History of the Americas File 26 047 File 13 564
G, GF, GV Geography - Human (Updated 1 April 2021) File 23 302 File 7 508
GA, GB, GC, GE  Geography - Physical File 6 744 File 1 848
GN, GR, GT Anthropology File 11 255 File 5 512
H, HA, HM, HN, HQ, HS, HT, HV, HX Sociology File 68 103 File 32 934
HB, HC  Economics File 34 885 File 9 370
HD, HF, HG, HJ Business-Finance-Management File 70 827 File 17 211
J Political Sciences (updated 1 April 2021) File 36 884 File 19 591
K Law (updated 1 April 2021) File 12 576 File 3 165
L Education File 41 139 File 9 177
M Music File 1 586 File 750
N, NB, NC, ND, NE, NK, NX Fine Arts File 40 349 File 15 697
NA, HE Architecture & Transportation File 18 063 File 7 994
P1 - P1091 Linguistics File 13 344 File 6 776
PA Greek & Latin Languages and Literature File 13 031 File 5 469
PB Modern & Celtic Languages File 1 111 File 176
PC Roman Languages File 8 163 File 2 042
PD Germanic & Scandinavian Languages File 616 File 48
PE English Language File 6 322 File 2 412
PF West Germanic Languages File 2 085 File 232
PG Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages (updated 1 April 2021) File 18 558 File 4 624
PH Uralic & Basque Languages File 579 File 98
PJ Oriental Languages & Literatures File 7 334 File 1 559
PK Indo-Iranian Languages & Literatures File 2 173 File 693
PL Eastern Asia, Africa & Oceania Languages and Literatures File 18 750 File 7 744
PM Hyperborean & Indian Languages File 949 File 376
PN Literature File 36 071 File 25 433
PQ1 - PQ3999 French Literature File 33 505 File 13 681
PQ4000 - PQ5999 Italian Literature File 19 168 File 4 215
PQ6001 - PQ8560 Spanish Literature File 26 705 File 5 635
PQ9000 - PQ9699 Portuguese Literature File 710 File 251
PR English Literature File 53 157 File 22 960
PS American Literature File 43 437 File 21 091
PT1 - PT4897 German Literature File 28 929 File 7 142
PT5001 - PT9999 Scandinavian Literature File 2 543 File 540
PZ Fiction & Juvenile Belles Lettres File 984 File 476
Q Science File 55 955 File 6 124
R Medicine File 14 763 File 5 188
S Agriculture File 7 460 File 848
T Technology File 14 424 File 3 868
U Military Science File 7 302 File 2 266
V Naval Science File 1 250 File 322
W Health Professions File 24 489 File 976
Z Library Science File 41 354 File 5 430
Not Assigned No data File 4 435 File 1 079

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