Tenure consideration timetable

Assistant librarians on a definite term tenure-track appointment are considered for tenure and promotion to the rank of associate librarian no later than during the sixth (6th) academic year of their appointment to that rank; associate librarians are considered no later than during the fifth (5th) academic year of their appointment to that rank. (See also the key dates for Assistant Librarian and Associate Librarian tenure-track appointments.)

Tenure cohort



Tenure-Track Staff hired anytime in Calendar Year Tenure Cohort Year Dossier Under Mandatory Tenure Consideration must be submitted to Secretariat Office by: Tenure Decision with tenure effective as of this date
2007 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2008 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2009 (Full Prof/Lib)
2012-2013 September 1st, 2012 June 1st, 2013
2008 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2009 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2010 (Full Prof/Lib)
2013-2014 September 1st, 2013 June 1st, 2014
2009 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2010 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2011 (Full Prof/Lib)
2014-2015 September 1st, 2014 June 1st, 2015
2010 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2011 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2012 (Full Prof/Lib)
2015-2016 September 1st, 2015 June 1st, 2016
2011 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2012 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2013 (Full Prof/Lib)
2016-2017 September 1st, 2016 June 1st, 2017
2012 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2013 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2014 (Full Prof/Lib)
2017-2018 September 1st, 2017 June 1st, 2018
2013 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2014 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2015 (Full Prof/Lib)
2018-2019 September 1st, 2018 June 1st, 2019
2014 (Assist Prof/Lib)
2015 (Assoc Prof/Lib)
2016 (Full Prof/Lib)
2019-2020 September 1st, 2019 June 1st, 2020

Key dates - 2013-2014 Academic year



Date Tenure
April 2014

April 15 deadline

Early consideration candidates must notify the Dean of Libraries (section 3.6)

May 2014

May 01 deadline

Dean of Libraries shall notify the Secretary-General of the names of ALL candidates, including those who have requested early consideration for tenure (section 3.7)

May to Early June deadline

Candidates meet with chair of LRTC to discuss list of 8 external evaluators (section 3.32.1)

June 2014

May to Early June deadline

Candidates meet with chair of LRTC to discuss list of 8 external evaluators (section 3.32.1)

June 15 deadline

Candidates submit current CV to LRTC chair (section 3.32.8)

LRTC chair sends a list of external evaluators, the written justification for the choice of each proposed external evaluator, and the candidates’ CVs to the Dean of Libraries and the Secretary-General (sections 3.32.7 and 3.32.8)


August 2014

August 15 deadline

The UTC shall rank the 8 proposed external evaluators in order of preference

September 2014

September 01 deadline

Chair of LRTC and Dean of Libraries inform the candidates of the composition of the LRTC and UTC which will consider their case (section 3.15)

UTC chair shall forward a copy of the ranked list of the 8 proposed external evaluators to the Secretary-General, with a copy to the candidate and the Chair of the LRTC (section 3.32.10)

Candidates shall submit the internal package and the external package to the Secretary-General in electronic form

Early September

The Secretary-General transmits internal packages to Chairs of LRTC and UTC for transmission to committee members (section 3.35)

Secretary-General requests external evaluators reports (section 3.32.12)

October 2014

LRTC deliberates files

November 2014

November 15 deadline

Additional dossier material may be added to files by the Chair of LRTC if the file deliberations have not been completed (section 3.38)

New materials may be added by candidates to research and scholarly activities with written explanations (section 3.39.1)

Post November 15

If requested by the Chair of LRTC, candidates may submit new material pertaining to issues arising during file deliberations (section 3.39.2)

November 25 deadline

Secretary-General shall transmit reports from external evaluators to Chairs of LRTC and UTC (section 3.37)

January 2015

January 25 deadline

LRTC shall submit their reports to Secretary-General who shall transmit copies to candidates and UTC (section 3.42)

February- March- April

UTC deliberates files

April 2015

April 30 deadline

UTC shall submit reports to Secretary-General who shall transmit copies to the Principal, candidates and Chair of LRTC (section 3.48)

May 2015

Principal shall communicate decision to candidates (sections 3.52.2 to 3.50.5)

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