Tenure dossier

By September 1st of the year of consideration, tenure track librarians shall submit one copy of their external package and one copy of their internal package in electronic format on CD/DVD/USB Flash Drives to the University Secretariat.  One CD/DVD/USB can be used for both packages, providing that it has a subfolder clearly named “internal” which contains a complete internal package and another subfolder named “external” which contains a complete external package.

The “internal package” includes the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae (Guide to Curriculum Vitae Format)
  • personal statement in support of her or his candidature
  • position responsibilities
  • performance reviews
  • professional and scholarly activities
  • other contribution to the University and scholarly communities
  • other materials the candidate may wish to submit, including a portfolio on her or his teaching activities

The “external package” consists of the same documents as the internal package, with the exception of the candidate’s performance reviews and teaching portfolio, if any.

Additional dossier material such as articles, posters, performances, etc. may be submitted.  If such materials exist in electronic versions, they should be provided in electronic format.  For any hardcopy materials, four copies will be required.

Sample dossiers from successful candidates are also included for reference (McGill users only).

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