Frequently asked questions

Q.  Where can I find an overview of the tenure process?

A. There are at least two options:

  • There is a general tenure page that includes tenure forms, a timetable with key dates, presentations, and guidelines for electronic submission of tenure dossiers
  • There is also a lengthier section on this site with an overview of the tenure process.

Q. What is the purpose of external evaluators?

A. External evaluators:

  • provide assessments which help the Library and Reappointment Committee (LRTC) and the University Tenure Committee (UTC) in their deliberations
  • provide an evaluation of the candidate’s professional and scholarly activities and contributions to scholarly communities (but not position responsibilities)

Q. How are external reviewers selected?


  • they must be of recognized standing and accomplishment, and suitably qualified
  • they must NOT be in the employ of McGill or individuals with whom the candidate is in a conflict of interest e.g. has a close personal or professional relationship

Q. What will the external evaluator see?

A. They will see all sections except for position responsibilities.

Q. Will I see a copy of the external evaluators’ reports?

A. No.

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