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General comments:


  • Don't wait till the last minute to put your dossier together.
  • Good organization is crucial: you want to make it easy for the Library Reappointment and Tenure Committee to easily identify your activities. For example, create a table of contents, paginate your document
  • Librarians must perform at defined levels in all three areas in order to be reappointed or be granted tenure – think of filling up three shoeboxes.
  • Make sure what you have included in your CV is also included  in the appropriate sections of your dossier
  • Personal statement:
    • Reflect on your career aspirations
    • Draft it early, reflect, and  modify it
    • Be creative
    • Sell yourself!
  • Include an overview of your liaison areas: what they are, number of faculty/students served, etc.
  • Professional and Scholarly Activities
    • Quality and impact important
    • Aim for publication in  peer-reviewed journals, juried presentations/posters
  • Identify your role on committees or in professional organizations
  • Don’t use  acronyms  – spell out name of committees and organizations
  • Use the correct name of library and university committees and be consistent
  • Include metrics – and summarize them in a chart, such a s a list of the workshops you’ve presented, the number of attendees, etc.
  • No “double counting” of achievements – you must determine the best place to put activities
  • Although the candidate can include any documentation, be judicious in including user feedback and examples of your work:  select letters received from Faculty, one notable example of a workshop you created – these should ideally reflect your “impact”
  • Have someone else review your dossier to see if it makes sense 
  • Be consistent in usage of verb tenses
  • Use spellcheck!
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