Style sheet for the reappointment and tenure dossier

  1. Curriculum Vitae (Guide to the curriculum vitae format)
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Current position description (provided by the Dean’s Office)
  4. Performance recognition and development reports (provided by the Dean’s Office)
  5. Position responsibilities
    5.1 Overview
    5.2. Liaison with faculty and student
    5.3 Teaching, learning and research support (should include a table of the Information Literacy classes delivered)
    5.4 Collection development
    5.5 Awareness and application of technology
    5.6 Supervision and training of staff
    5.7 Work in partnership with other library staff
    5.7 Documentation to support clients’ research and learning (subject guides, web pages, etc.)
    5.9 Member of library committees and working groups
  6. Professional and scholarly activities
    6.1 Peer-reviewed publications
    6.2 Conference presentations: peer reviewed
    6.3 Invited presentations
    6.4 Other presentations
  7. Other Contributions to the university and scholarly community
    7.1 Editorships
    7.2 International and National Committees
    7.3 Provincial and Regional Committees
    7.4 University or Affiliated Committees and Elected Offices
    7.5 Outreach Activities
    7.6 Conference Service Activities
    7.7 Mentoring
    7.8 Library Committees and Elected Offices
    7.9 Teaching
    7.10 Published Reviews and Web Publications for a professional Audience, abstracts, formal manuscript reviewing
    7.11 Professional Development
    7.12 Honours
  8. Appendix including some examples of publications, presentations, acknowledgements, etc.
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