Frequently asked questions


Q. Where can I find an overview of the reappointment process?

A. There are at least two options:


Q. Is it necessary for the file to be broken into sections, i.e. separate pdfs?

A. No.

Q. Does the Committee require the pdf to be searchable?

A. While not required, this would be appreciated. Unless you are including scanned version of printed materials, any PDF files that you generate should be searchable by default.

Q. Will we be receiving USB keys on which to put our documents or should we provide our own?

A. You must provide your own USB key for your documents.

Q. Does the committee would require a paragraph summary for each main section?

A. While not required, it is recommended to have paragraph summaries for each main section.


Q. What does it mean if I receive a two (2) year extension for reappointment?

A. One (1) or two (2) year reappointments may be recommended for candidates whose performance with respect to one of more of their academic duties is a source of concern. However, these candidates have to be considered again for reappointment.

Q. Does the Dean of Libraries seek additional information about the candidates’s performance from their supervisor, colleagues or associate directors or is the evaluation be based solely on the submitted dossier?

A. The assessment is based on the submitted dossier. However, the LRTC may ask candidates to submit additional information if something is unclear or requires further documentation.  For example, the LRTC may ask a candidate to submit proof of publication for something that is in press.

Q. What feedback does the candidate receive?

A.The candidate receives three items:

  • The LRTC report
  • A letter from the Dean of Libraries
  • A letter from the Provost

These letters may include additional feedback from what is contained in the LRTC report.

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