Overview of the reappointment process

Librarians in the tenure-track stream generally come up for reappointment consideration after three (3) years of their initial appointment. The exact timeline is based on start date of the initial appointment. For more information, see: Reappointment cohort timetable.

For a list of key dates for the current reappointment year, please consult the Reappointment timetable.

Candidates must exercise due diligence in preparing and pursuing their case for reappointment and prepare a dossier. The candidates submit an electronic copy of their dossier to the carole.urbain [at] (Library Academic Affairs Office) by June 1st. 

The LRTC considers the staff member’s case for reappointment. Dossiers are evaluated according to the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Librarian Staff and Guidelines on Criteria for Reappointment for Tenure-Track Librarian Staff.

Criteria for reappointment is based on performance of academic duties.


The LRTC submits to the Dean of Libraries a written report containing the recommendation, with supporting reasons, copied to the candidate. Usually a three (3) year reappointment is recommended for candidates who are clearly "on track" for tenure; however, one (1) or two (2) year reappointments may be recommended for candidates whose performance with respect to one of more of their academic duties is a source of concern. (Note: these candidates have to be considered again for reappointment.)

If at any stage the LRTC, the Dean of Libraries or the Provost is tending towards a negative recommendation or decision, the candidate must be provided with written reasons and must be given the opportunity to address the concerns in person, accompanied by an advisor if they wish.

The Dean of Libraries communicates his or her recommendation, together with supporting reasons, in writing to the Provost, copied to the candidate. The Provost communicates his or her decision to the candidate with a copy to the Dean of Libraries – this is generally done in September.

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