Involuntary Confinement and Involuntary Treatment

Lundi, 25 janvier, 2016 13:00à14:30

Atelier du cycle sur Le handicap, les droits de la personne et le droit de 2015-2016, organisé par le Centre pour les droits de la personne et le pluralisme juridique.

(En anglais seulement) For many people with a disability, being taken to the hospital by a family member against their will, or being held down and forced to take medication is a familiar scenario. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities establishes that involuntary treatment and other forced psychiatric interventions in health-care facilities are forms of torture and ill-treatment that can affect the most fundamental rights, including the right to dignity and liberty.

An international legal framework guaranteeing the right of persons with disabilities is thus in place. However, given that this framework is relatively recent, the Convention still needs to find its place in the policies of the State. This session will engage with the rights violations associated with involuntary placement and involuntary treatment and identify strategies for limiting their use.

Modérateur: Derek Jones. Intervenants: Ella Amir, Marie-Hélène Goulet, and James Sayce.

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