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Fall 2018 examination period (Law)

6 Dec 2018
20 Dec 2018

The Fall 2018 exam period will run from December 6 to December 20 at the Faculty of Law.

If you plan on using your computer to complete your exams, see the SAO's page on Computerized Exams.


Exam Period Access to Nahum Gelber Law Library for Fall 2018

6 Dec 2018 09:00
20 Dec 2018 18:00

From November 25 to December 21, McGill students will be able to access the Nahum Gelber Law Library 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As agreed between the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) and the Law Students Association (LSA), the Nahum Gelber Law Library will limit access to the three upper floors of the library to Law students only during the December 6 to December 20 examination period.

Details are as follows:


Winter Holiday Break

24 Dec 2018 15:15
1 Jan 2019 15:15

Winter holiday break. All Faculty administrative offices will be closed between December 24 and January 1 inclusive.

Administrative offices reopen on Wednesday, January 2.

Classes resume on Monday, January 7.

Indigenous Peoples as Peoples: The Quest for Self-Determination by the Nordic Sámi People

9 Jan 2019 13:00

The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism welcomes Professor Martin Scheinin (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) for a talk on the Sámi People’s quest for self-determination.

His talk will be moderated by Professor Payam Akhavan, and Professor Mark Walters will act as discussant.


From Underground Railroad to Overland Migration: When the North Star Can’t Be Found

14 Jan 2019 17:30

The McGill Law Journal welcomes Patricia Williams, James L. Dohr Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, for its Annual Lecture. Professor Williams will discuss the significance of hospitality and neighborliness, in a present marked by increasing diasporas, collapsing resources, and contagious populism.


L’avocat à la barre de l’action collective: une chasse-galerie?

27 Feb 2019 17:30

Please join us for a Wainwright Conference with Professor Daniel Jutras, holder of the Wainwright Chair in Civil Law. He will examine class action suits and the ethical aspects of taking public debates to the courts.