Professor Pierre-Gabriel Jobin receives Justitia Prize from Laval University


Pierre-Gabriel Jobin
Le professeur Patrice Garant et le professeur Pierre-Gabriel Jobin en 1976.

Laval University’s Faculty of Law has awarded a Justitia Prize to Professor Pierre-Gabriel Jobin, Ad.E. He received the Prize during the annual Quebec graduates’ cocktail, which was organized by the Dean of that Faculty, Professor Eugénie Brouillet, on May 15, 2014.

Justitia Awards are given to alums of the Faculty of Law of Laval University who “have distinguished themselves through their outstanding careers, their social or academic endeavours, and their impact on the development of the Faculty and the University."

"This is a great recognition of the outstanding contributions that Pierre-Gabriel has made to civil law doctrine in Quebec and abroad," said Professor Daniel Jutras, Dean of the Faculty of Law of McGill University. Highlighting how Professor Jobin made ​​his debut in law at Laval University, where he embarked on his academic career, Dean Jutras concluded: "We are very fortunate that Pierre-Gabriel decided to join McGill in 1976, where his exceptional legal research in Quebec civil law made him a renowned expert in this subject."

Bravo to Pierre-Gabriel Jobin!