Introducing the McGill Law Inspiration NetworK (LINK)


We are thrilled to introduce the Law Inspiration NetworK (LINK) for students and alumni. Many of our alumni have asked how they can get involved in Student Life & Learning at the Faculty of Law. Similarly, our students are eager to reach out to accomplished alumni all over the world. In response, we have put together a full menu of exciting options to connect McGill Law alumni with McGill Law students.

From mentorship to career panels, moots to guest lectures, there are many ways alumni can inspire today’s students. Wherever you are in the world, there are exciting opportunities for you to share your wisdom and experience.

Read on for our full list of alumni roles, then join our Law Inspiration NetworK to select your options.

  • Alumni Mentor: Share your advice on academic success, careers, work-life balance and diversity issues with a 2nd year student.
  • Exchange and summer student host: Every year, the Faculty sends 60-70 B.C.L./LL.B. students on exchange to its partner universities, including Sciences Po, University of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne and many more. Students also pursue summer internships and positions across Canada and around the world. Why not connect with McGill Law students to show them around your town?
  • Career event guest: Whether you work a few streets away from us or would like an excuse to visit Montreal, join us for a Career Day, cocktail, workshop or alumni panel. As you know, our students’ diverse career interests cover every area of law and type of practice, including non-law options.
  • Guest lecturer: Our professors often invite alumni into the classroom to deliver a lecture. Add your name to our list and indicate your interests.
  • Moot judge: Every Winter, 2nd year students prepare to plead their first case. Join our pool of volunteer judges and help prepare our next generation of lawyers for the courtroom.
  • Admissions Ambassador: Share your McGill Law experience and perspective with newly admitted students and help them choose McGill Law. Meet with prospective students when recruitment activities are taking place near you.
  • McGill Law clinical legal education partner: Would your organization like to host an intern from the Legal Clinic Program, Centre for Human Rights and Pluralism or a student enrolled in one of our Major programs? Learn more about our clinical legal education programs.
  • McGill Law employer: Are you looking to hire McGill Law summer or part-time students, articling students or recent alumni? We would be happy to help you advertise your opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Law Inspiration NetworK! If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at [at]

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