Understanding the TPP: IP protection and investment protection


Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal, 20 Queen Street, 3rd floor, Montreal, QC, H3C 2M7, CA
Free and open to all. RSVP required.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is one of a series of major new trade agreements (CETA between Canada and the EU, and the TTIP between the USA and the EU) which Canada may join or which may have an important impact on Canada. Two of the most controversial chapters of the TPP cover Intellectual Property Rights and the Protection of Foreign Investment.

With a view to promoting understanding of the TPP in the business, legal and academic communities, the McGill Centre for Intellectual Property Law together with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is organizing a half-day symposium devoted to the analysis of these two chapters.

Canada will be invited to ratify the TPP in 2016. It is important that Canadians understand the decision that must be taken by the Federal and Provincial governments.

Anyone interested in attending this symposium should register with sharon.webb [at] mcgill.ca

A request for CLE accreditation has been made to the Quebec Bar.

Parking:  75 Queen Street, Montreal (at a cost)

Public transit:  Bus 107 south from McGill Faculty of Law + short walk east on Wellington

Cost:  Free and open to all. Registration capped at 120 participants. First come, first served. RSVP: sharon.webb [at] mcgill.ca.

Keynote and opening remarks

  • David Lametti

IP panel

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse (McGill) Chair
  • Edouard Treppoz (Lyon III)
  • Richard Gold (McGill)
  • Thomas Cottier (Berne/U Ottawa)
  • Elizabeth F. Judge (U Ottawa)

Investment panel

  • Armand de Mestral (McGill & CIGI) Chair
  • Céline Lévesque (U Ottawa & CIGI))
  • Charles-Emmanuel Côté (Laval & CIGI)
  • René Cadieux (Blakes, Montreal)
  • Marc Bungenberg (U Saarland & CIGI)

Respondent and closing remarks

  • Kristin Hillman (proposed, to be confirmed)
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