Student Advocacy Initiatives in the Spotlight



The webinar offers members of the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Canada network a better idea of the student advocacy initiatives established by Scholars at Risk, specifically the Academic Freedom Monitoring Project, and the Scholars in Prison Project.

These initiatives allow researchers and students to partner with SAR, and directly engage in advocacy on behalf of threatened scholars. The projects also all give students the opportunity to develop relevant skills in human rights research and advocacy strategies.


  • Nandini Ramanujam (Co-Director, Centre for Human Rights & Legal Pluralism, McGill University)
  • Salvador Herencia (Director, Human Rights Clinic, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, University of Ottawa)
  • Mirja Trilsch (Director, International Clinic for the Defence of Human Rights, UQAM)
  • Jenny Peterson (Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Political Science, UBC)
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