More Than an Innocent Mistake: The Story of David Milgaard's Wrongful Conviction



Please join us for an engaged conversation about miscarriages of justice in Canada with Professor Mugambi Jouet and Mr. David Milgaard.

Their talk will explore the interrelationship between Milgaard's wrongful conviction and wider systemic concerns, from root causes of miscarriages of justice to the neglected social impact of "tough on crime" political rhetoric.

David Milgaard was arrested at the age of sixteen for non-capital murder. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. David was not guilty in any way of this crime. His mother, Joyce Milgaard (1931-2020), never gave up her fight to prove  her son's innocence and she secured his freedom after he had served more than 22 years of imprisonment. David became involved with social justice issues while in prison, and today he continues to speak and advocate for change.

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