Richard Gold appointed Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)

Published: 31Aug2015

We are pleased to announce that Professor Richard Gold has accepted to serve the Faculty as Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) for a three-year term which started on September 1st, 2015....

DCL Thesis Defence: Vokhidjon Urinov


Doctoral candidate Vokhidjon Urinov will be presenting his thesis entitled “Ensuring tax compliance in a globalized world: the international automatic exchange of tax information”, which was...

Shauna Van Praagh and David Lametti promoted to Full Professors

Published: 28Jul2015

The Faculty is proud to announce that Professors Shauna Van Praagh (on left) and David Lametti (on right) were each promoted to the rank of Full Professor on August 1, 2015.

Registration and Welcome Day for new Law students


Welcome Day for newly admitted Law students to the BCL/LLB programs for September 2015. New students must register in person.

Legal Frameworks and Economic Practices Around Slave Labour in Colonial Society


As part of the series “Slavery Old and New: Labour Exploitation through the Ages and around the Globe”, Prof. Jean-François Niort (Université des Antilles).

Professor Frédéric Bachand receives Advocatus Emeritus title

Published: 21Jul2015

The Barreau du Québec recently announced the names of the lawyers who have received the Advocatus Emeritus (Ad. E.) title this year. We are happy to report several of them are members of the McGill...

Professor Angela Campbell appointed Associate Provost of McGill

Published: 21Jul2015

Professor Angela Campbell was recently appointed Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures and Equity) (APPPE). She will step into the role on September 1. The APPPE is one of two Associate Provosts...

Vrinda Narain and Paul Miller promoted to Associate Professor

Published: 11Jun2015

The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce that Vrinda Narain and Paul Miller have each been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. When he shared the news, Dean Daniel Jutras indicated how ...

Law student research session with Prof. Angela Campbell


Professor Angela Campbell is hosting an event for all summer RAs and grad students at the Faculty of Law.