Young Alumni Board

The Faculty of Law's Young Alumni Board (YAB) is comprised of successful alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years. They work to increase fraternity, engagement, and philanthropy amongst their fellow alumni. The YAB meets once every fall and spring semester for a two-hour meeting, with committee work occurring between meetings. Members are expected to attend meetings, actively serve on committees and provide financial support to the University.

Members serve a two-year term and are selected based on their affinity and support of the school, engagement with McGill Law since graduation, leadership in the community or their field, and other factors. We are strongly committed to fostering a diverse and representative Board within our community.

Meet the successful alumni who have already made the commitment to serve on the Young Alumni Board:

Ms. Viviane Albuquerque, BCL/LLB’15, Montreal

Mr. Merve Bilgic, BCL/LLB’16, Toronto

Mr. Matthew Chung, BCL/LLB’17, Toronto (Chair, Toronto chapter)

Ms. Marie-Pier Cloutier, BCL/LLB’13, Montreal

Ms. Chantelle Dallas, BCL/LLB’18, Toronto

Ms. Maryam d'Hellencourt, BCL/LLB’17, Montreal

Mr. Alexandre Forest, BCL/LLB’10, Montreal

Mr. Marco Garofalo, BCL/LLB’15, Paris

Ms. Melissa Gaul, BCL/LLB’11, Montreal

Ms. Claire Gowdy, BCL/LLB’13, Toronto

Mr. Christopher Greenaway, BCL/LLB’14, Montreal

Mr. Rish Handa, LLM’08, Montreal

Ms. Vladi Ivanov, BCL/LLB’14, Toronto

Mr. John-Joseph Lennard, BCL/LLB’11, Montreal (Chair, Montreal chapter)

Mr. Michaël Lessard, BCL/LLB’15, Montreal

Mr. Joël Lightbound, BCL/LLB’11, Ottawa

Ms. Mary Opolko, BCL/LLB’13, Montreal

Mr. Peter Riddell, BCL/LLB’09, Montreal

Ms. Mary Angela Rowe, BCL/LLB’14, Toronto

Mr. Carlos Sayao, BCL/LLB’14, Toronto

Mr. Bruno Savoie, BCL/LLB’18, Dubai

Mr. John Simpson, BCL/LLB’16, Montreal

Mr. Junaid K. Subhan, BCL/LLB’10, Montreal

Ms. Jessica Syms, BCL/LLB’12, Montreal


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