Alumni Stories

Hong Kong: the McGill Connection

[June 2018] Assistant Dean Véronique Bélanger stopped in Hong Kong on her way to China to meet with some of McGill Law alumni practicing there.

Recent Alumni News

[June 2018] Photos of the recent Calgary Law Alumni Cocktail and Class of 1990 Reunion; two new publications by McGill Law alumnae; Richard Pound named Commander of the Order of Montreal; blockchain tax expert Kendra Alexia Hefti recognized at McGill Toronto Excellence Awards; and more.

La collation des grades 2018 en photos

[Juin 2018] Nos nouveaux BCL/LLB, LLM et DCL tout sourires; doctorat honoris causa pour l’honorable Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré; troisième prix John W. Durnford pour Rosalie Jukier; discours d’adieu par Susan Humphrey, BCL/LLB’18; et fastueuse réception au Cercle universitaire.

Recent alumni receptions at the Faculty

[April 2018] The Faculty hosted two receptions this spring. March 27, alumni and friends of the Faculty behind some of our most prestigious awards met our scholarship recipients. A few weeks later, over 250 alumni joined us to celebrate our inaugural Montreal Law Alumni Cocktail.

Alumni Echoes

[April 2018] Don Johnston moonlights as composer; Kathleen Weil talks about her journey from Chancellor Day Hall to the Quebec Parliament; Isabelle Marcoux leads the most important acquisition in TC Transcontinental’s history; Catherine McKenzie publishes her eighth novel entitled The Good Liar.

De la scène à la table de négociation

[Mar 2018] Sophie Lamonde, BCL’01, LLB’01, qui dirige le groupe Fusions et acquisitions chez Stikeman Elliott, nous a accordé une entrevue pour nous parler de son parcours professionnel.

Alumni Echos

[Mar 2018] Sandra Nishikawa appointed to the Superior Court of Ontario; Marvin Coleby bets on blockchain to solve land registry woes; Anthony Morgan on being Black in Canada; Radio-Canada interviews retired judge-gone-gentleman-farmer John Gomery; and Annamaria Enenajor chats about pot and law with Steve Paikin.

The Business of Law—Interview with Shahir Guindi

[Feb. 2018] When the Faculty hosted a panel on the future of legal education, Shahir Guindi, BCL’89, LLB’89, was one of five eminent jurists invited to share their insight on the changing legal market. National co-chair of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, he has repeatedly earned recognition as one of the country’s top corporate lawyers.

Photos from the Toronto Alumni Awards ceremony

[Feb. 2018] In the evening of January 23, dozens of colleagues, friends, and relatives were gathered in Toronto to celebrate two outstanding Law alumni: McGill Governor Stephen Halperin and Falconers LLP Associate Anthony N. Morgan.

Our alumni in the news

[Feb. 2018] Discover some of the books recently published by our alums, and a series of opinion letters, articles and scientific papers published by (or about) McGill Law alums.

Audi Alteram Partem – A Lesson in Negotiation by Robert Valdmanis

[Dec. 2017] Robert Valdmanis, LLB’94, talks with about his experience leading a negotiation workshop with Law students during Focus Week, and why the motto “Audi Alteram Partem” emblazoned above a faculty’s door matters.

A toast to a vibrant alumni community around the world

[Dec. 2017] The amazing success of this fall’s alumni events is an encouraging sign that our beefed up event programming efforts are starting to pay off!
Our toast to you, our alumni around the world.

alumni news

Nouvelles de nos diplômé.e.s

[Dec. 2017] Louis Charrette et Martin Sheehan sont élus au American College of Trial Lawyers; des initiatives de nos diplômé.e.s mènent à la création de nouvelles bourses étudiantes à la Faculté; et Sara Gauthier, Leslie Ning et Jean-Michel Boudreau sont nommé.e.s “leaders de demain” par le Jeune Barreau de Montréal. Lire la suite

Les Retrouvailles 2017 en photos

[Nov. 2017] Cette année, la Faculté a innové en invitant sa communauté diplômée à se réunir ensemble pour une grande célébration des Retrouvailles. Voyez notre album.

Faculty’s Most Generous Donors Honoured at Homecoming

[Nov. 2017] Dean Robert Leckey officially welcomed dozens of distinguished alumni and friends of the Faculty to the newly formed Chancellor Day Circle at an inaugural luncheon. Read and see our album.


Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski

Journée du Barreau de Montréal et échos des diplômés

[Nov. 2017] Retour sur la Journée du Barreau de Montréal, où nombre de nos diplômés ont fêté des anniversaires d’accès à la profession, ainsi que des lettres d’opinion signées par Julie Desrosiers, Pearl Eliadis, Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski et Rachel Davidson. Lire la suite…

Manuel Shacter in conversation

Interview with Manuel Shacter, BCL’47

[Sep. 2017] Manuel Shacter recently celebrated 70 years of legal practice. Focus online sat down with him earlier this summer to hear about his war-era university years and the storied career that followed, including a unusual meeting with then-Justice Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Read the interview.

Helena Lamed at 2017 Law Convocation

Helena Lamed receives Durnford Award, retires

[June 2017] At Spring Convocation, Professor Helena Lamed, BCL'82, was awarded the 2017 John W. Durnford Teaching Excellence Award. This well-deserved recognition, which comes at the moment when Professor Lamed is retiring, was an opportunity to recognize the lasting impact her teaching has had on the generations of students she has taught since she first came to the Faculty. Read the story.

DALA interviews Tanya De Mello

[Apr. 2017] The Droit Autrement / Legal Alternative (DALA) student group is rethinking the potential of a law degree. We showcase one of their “Lawfully Uncommon” interviews with Tanya de Mello, BCL/LLB’11, Director of Human Rights Services at Ryerson University. Read the interview or peruse other Lawfully Uncommon conversations.

ALBUM: Scholarship reception

[Apr. 2017] In March, the Faculty was happy to host its annual Scholarship Reception, where donors and student scholarship recipients have the opportunity to meet and converse. See some photos of this inspiring evening.

Alumni voices

[Mar. 2017] Dans cette édition, nos diplômées Rosel Kim, BCL/LLB’15, Wela Quan, BCL/LLB’10, et Frédérique St-Jean BCL/LLB’16, offrent leurs perspectives sur la profession juridique et la formation professionnelle.

ALBUM: Belles rencontres

[Jan. 2017] La fin de 2016 a été l’occasion de revoir certains de nos diplômés : nous vous avons retrouvés lors d’une soirée Coffeehouse à New York en novembre et d’une réception du temps des fêtes à la Faculté en décembre.

Alumni voices

[Jan. 2017] Annamaria Enenajor, Anthony Morgan, and Malcolm Lavoie – three alums from the class of 2012 – weigh in on current affairs, and Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne, DCL’96, signs an oped on aviation and sustainable development.

Alumni making a difference

[Nov. 2016] Charles Jalloh, BCL/LLB’02, was elected to the UN’s International Law Commission; President and CEO of TVO Lisa de Wilde, LLB’80, was recruited as an outside expert by Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly; Stephen Toope, BCL’83, LLB’83, talks about his nomination as the head of the University of Cambridge; and Alanna Devine, BCL/LLB’06, & Sophie Gaillard, BCL/LLB’12, are Montreal SPCA lawyers who have been fighting the city’s pitbull ban.

ALBUM: Soirées coffeehouse des diplômés – Ottawa, Paris et Montréal

[Nov. 2016] Des échos des soirées Coffeehouse tenues récemment à Paris, Ottawa et Montréal, qui furent très courues cette année.

Meet Pikachu’s lawyer

[Sep. 2016] As the general counsel for Pokémon International, Don McGowan, BCL’97, LLB’97, was among the first to play Pokémon Go, the game that took the world by storm this summer. Having worked on a staggering array of legal issues – marketing, licensing, intellectual property, negotiating product placements and devising contracts – McGowan credits his ability to be nimble to his McGill education.


Succès et générosité au rendez-vous

Le 23 mars 2016, la Faculté organisait une réception pour célébrer la réussite de ses étudiants et souligner la générosité de ses donateurs. Près de 120 personnes se sont réunies au Grand Salon du Pavillon Chancellor Day pour cette belle soirée. [Article et album photo].

Claire Kirkland-Casgrain150x150

Homage to Claire Kirkland-Casgrain

 Claire Kirkland-Casgrain, BA’47, BCL’50, LLD’97, was a lawyer, judge and politician who blazed a trail for women in the halls of power everywhere. Her funeral in Montreal in April was the first ‘National funeral’ for a woman in Quebec.


Jimena Blumenkron: High Flyer

Institute of Air and Space Law graduate Jimena Blumenkron, LLM’09, is a legal and policy expert who specializes in aviation law and governance who is forging the way for women in her field. She sat down with Focus online to discuss her career.


Reaching for the long shots

Ngozi Okidegbe, BCL/LLB'15, first arrived in Montreal eight years ago because she had fallen in love with the city during a visit from her native Washington D.C. She has made a practice of reaching for the long shots, and it has paid off.

 is the law funny?

Getting to the gist of the jest

Law grads turned stand-up comics Jess Salomon, BCL/LLB’04 and David Heti, BCL/LLB’09 opine on whether the law has a sense of humour.


From Hult Prize to Forbes list

Shobhita Soor, BCL/LLB, MBA’15, was part of the McGill Aspire team that won Bill Clinton’s Hult Prize in 2013 for their idea to address hunger in urban slums by farming insects. In this video, she explains the vision and logic of this idea.

Fil conducteur

CBC President and CEO Hubert Lacroix, BCL’76, MBA’81, explains, in classic McGill Law French and English, how his legal education shaped his career and offers his advice to new students and new graduates.

Alumni Accolades

In this the November 2015 Focus online round-up, Jennifer Stoddart receives an honorary degree, Corina Manole, BCL/LLB’15, and Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre, BCL/LLB’14, are on the Quebec Bar’s Honour Roll of Excellence, and law grads become Members of Parliament.

ALBUM – Retrouvailles et Conventums 2015

Images des diverses activités des Retrouvailles, comme la soirée Coffeehouse des diplômés et le petit déjeuner du doyen, qui ont attiré de nombreux invités. Également, voici des photos des conventums des promotions de 1990, 1974-1975-1976, 1965, 1960 et 1955.

Cookie Lazarus's 12 Life Lessons

In this series of videos, Cookie Lazarus, BCL’65, offers a look back on his storied 50-year career, summarized in the form of 12 pithy life lessons.

Northern Practice

Benjamin Flight, Miatta Gorvie and Doug Garson all found their way to Iqaluit after graduation. To hear them tell it, living and working in Nunavut is not that different from working in Montreal or Toronto — save the occasional glimpse of the aurora borealis on the commute home.

The power of a BCL/LLB Law degree

In this new video from the Faculty, six influential and accomplished McGill Law alumni discuss how their law degrees have shaped their careers. Hear from David Sandomierski, BCL/LLB'08; Tanya De Mello, BCL/LLB'11; Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski, BCL'00, LLB'00; Catherine McKenna, LLB'09; Patrick M. Shea, BCL'99, LLB'99; and Jennifer Stoddart, BCL'80.

Women’s Leadership lunch with Martine Turcotte

In March 2015, Current Vice Chair of Bell Quebec Martine Turcotte, BCL’82/LLB’82, spoke at a special event at the Omni Mont-Royal about her career and current portfolio as part of a series featuring McGill alumna.

Pleins feux sur L. Yves Fortier

La feuille de route d’Yves Fortier est imposante. L’avocat a plaidé 25 fois devant la Cour suprême du Canada. À titre de représentant du Canada à l’ONU, de 1988 à 1992, il a été aux premières loges d’événements marquants de l’histoire. Depuis une vingtaine d’années, c’est comme arbitre international qu’il laisse sa marque.

Advanced Alumni

Thinking of pursuing graduate studies in Law? Meet Geoffrey Conrad, BCL/LLB’07; Katherine Lofts, BCL/LLB’09; Jodi Lazare, LLM’13; Ghyslain Raza, BCL/LLB’11; and Pattarapas Tudsri, LLM’10; five grads who came back to McGill to do just that.

Meet Brian Gallant, Canada’s youngest premier

Brian Gallant, LLM’11, is the only premier in Canada who might have to worry about getting carded in a bar. The youthful-looking 32-year-old is the new head of the government of New Brunswick and the youngest premier in Canada.

A call to action

A decade after receiving their BCL/LLB degrees, Stephen Panunto and Carol Gagné talk about where their education has taken them and where they want to take that education.

Supreme Court Justice Clément Gascon

In September 2015, Supreme Court of Canada Justice Clément Gascon, BCL’81, closed orientation week activities with a moving speech to students about the world of possibilities before them.

International Corruption Hunter

Meet Michelle Ratpan (BCL/LLB’06), a litigation specialist at the World Bank who investigates allegations of fraud, corruption and more around the world. As a litigation specialist with the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), a unit of about 100 people within the World Bank in Washington, D.C., Ratpan’s team is dedicated to investigating fraud in development projects funded by the organization.

Stuart Cobbett reçoit le prix James A. Robb

Le 4 février 2014, à l’occasion d’une réception se déroulant dans le Grand Salon, la Faculté de droit a remis le Prix James A. Robb à Stuart H. “Kip” Cobbett, BCL’72, pour souligner son travail exceptionnel à titre de bénévole à la Faculté de droit, et de manière plus large, à l’Université McGill.

Lawyer in a Dangerous Time

Nafay Choudhury (BCL/LLB’11) talks about teaching law in Kabul, just after the withdrawal of Canadian forces from Afghanistan. He spent 14 months as an assistant professor at the American University of Afghanistan.

L’Ordre du Canada prime deux diplômés de la Faculté de droit

Marie Deschamps (LLM’83) et Me Michael Goldbloom (BCL’78, LLB’79) sont parmi les 90 nominations qui ont été annoncées par Son Excellence le très honorable David Johnston, gouverneur général du Canada, le 30 décembre 2013.

Retrouvailles 2013

We were happy to welcome back so many of our grads for Homecoming Weekend, October 17 to 19, 2013. Nos diplômés ont participé à différentes activités de Retrouvailles 2013 à la Faculté, et plusieurs conventums ont eu lieu cet automne. Passez voir notre album des différentes festivités.


Are McGill Law Grads Taking over Human Rights Watch?

Why do so many McGill law students and alumni congregate at HRW’s International Justice Program? Param-Preet Singh (BCL’00, LLB’00) and Balkees Jarrah (BCL/LLB’09) share some insights. Plus: Entretien avec Marika Tremblay, qui a effectué un stage chez HRW au cours de l’été 2013!

Une Étoile

La Clinique d’information juridique célébrait son 40e anniversaire avec une conférence soulignant le rôle qu’ont joué les étudiants en droit de McGill dans l’amélioration de l’accès à la justice à Montréal. Son fondateur, Me Michael Bergman (BCL’75, LLB’76), était présent pour parler de son expérience.

Le futur selon Fred

L’année qui commence s’annonce fort remplie pour Fred Headon (BCL’96, LLB’96)! En août 2013, il a été nommé président de l’Association du Barreau canadien (ABC), et la revue Canadian Lawyer l’a primé parmi ses « 5 conseillers juridiques les plus influents » pour mon travail auprès de l’ABC, ainsi que pour son travail de conseiller juridique principal pour le compte d’Air Canada.

Students & Donors Reception 2013

On March 20, 2013, students who have received scholarships and prizes had the opportunity to meet, greet and personally thank their benefactors at the Faculty’s annual Celebration of Student Achievement and Donor Support. [Includes photo album]

David O'Brien meets his Fellows

In April 2013, David O’Brien (BCL ’65) joined four of the Faculty’s current O’Brien Graduate Fellows for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism for a congenial gathering in the Common Room.

Soirée Coffeehouse du Centenaire du LSA

Le 14 février 2013, l’Association des étudiants de droit de McGill (McGill Law Student Association) tenait une soirée Coffeehouse pour fêter son premier siècle. Voici un petit album photo des festivités!

La Faculté de droit accueille Marie Deschamps

Marie Deschamps (LLM’83) a pris sa retraite de la Cour suprême du Canada en août 2013 et est à présent chercheure facultaire à McGill. Elle nous a gracieusement accordé une entrevue.

Four Burning Question for Irwin Cotler

Professor Emeritus Irwin Cotler (BCL’64) speaks to the McGill Reporter about human rights, security concerns, Canada and the LSA centennial.

The Insider

The Honorable John H. Gomery (BCL’56) chatted with Focus online about his rocky start as at student at the Faculty of Law, his memories of Frank R. Scott, and the question of corruption, before giving the Friends of the Library’s annual F.R. Scott Lecture.

Coffeehouse in Toronto

On January 24, McGill Law alums in Toronto gathered for Coffeehouse in the offices of McCarthy Tétrault at the invitation of Dean Daniel Jutras. See our mini photo album.

Festive Echoes - December 2012

Festive Echoes

Dean Daniel Jutras hosted his annual end-of-year Festive Reception on December 13, inviting members of the McGill Law community to share in some collegial cheer. We bring you a few highlights from that evening.

Homecoming and class reunions - November 2012

Retrouvailles 2012

Tout le monde s’est bien amusé durant un ‘Homecoming’ pétillant! Entre le 11 et le 14 octobre, la Faculté de droit était l’hôte du premier Weekend de retrouvailles à se dérouler entièrement au Pavillon Chancellor-Day. Plusieurs promotions ont également tenu leurs conventums. Voyez notre album photo.

Entre Guangzhou et Singapour - Octobre 2012

Caroline Bérubé: Entre Guangzhou et Singapour

Caroline Bérubé, BCL’99, LLB’99, une diplômée établie à Guangzhou depuis de nombreuses années, partage ses expériences de la pratique internationale.

10 alums from 10 years out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BCL/LLB prog

A Q&A with Ten of our First BCL/LLB Grads, at the 10th Anniversary of the Program

To mark the 10th anniversary of the combined BCL/LLB program, we caught up with ten of the first graduates of the McGill Program and asked how their career path was inspired by their legal education at McGill.