Visiting Professors, Fellows and Postdocs

If you are looking for information on how to come to McGill Law as a visiting scholar or postdoctoral fellow, please visit the Visitors information page under our Research section. If you are a visiting professor or a fellow at the Faculty and you'd like to be added to this list, lysanne.larose [at] (email the webmaster).

Fellows and research associates

  • Sarah Ali-Khan
    Research Associate
    New Chancellor Day Hall, room 503
    3644 Peel Street
    Tel: 514-398-4400, ext. 00353
    sarah.ali-khan [at] (Email)
  • Mugambi Jouet
    Boulton Fellow (2018-2019)
    Old Chancellor Day Hall, room 43
    Tel: 514-398-4400, ext. 00135
    mugambi.jouet [at] (Email)
  • Kerry Sloan
    Boulton Fellow (2017-2018)
    kerry.sloan [at] (Email)

See the List of O'Brien Fellows, Aisenstadt Fellows and other human rights fellows on the CHRLP site.

Postdoctoral fellows

Olivier Barsalou

Email: olivier.barsalou [at]
From: Canada
Previous Affiliation: New York University
Project: History of Human Rights and International Law
Supervisor: Professor Frédéric Mégret
Olivier on

Barzan Barzani

Barzan Barzani

Email: barzan.barzani [at]
From: Kurdistan region of Iraq
Previous affiliation: Symbiosis International University, India
Project: ISIL Crimes against minority groups and the victims' conception of Justice
Supervisor: Professor Payam Akhavan
Barzan on

Geoff Callaghan

Email: geoffcallaghan79 [at]
From: Canada
Previous Affiliation: McMaster University
Project: The Right to Dissent in Canada
Supervisor: Professor Daniel Weinstock
Geoff on

Thierry Galani

Thierry Galani

Email: thierry.galanitiemeni [at]
From: Cameroon
Previous Affiliation: University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.
Project: Corporate social responsibility and informal employment in agricultural value chains.
Supervisor: Professor Adelle Blackett

Tetyana (Tanya) Krupiy

Email: tetyana.krupiy [at]
From: Canada/Ukraine
Previous Affiliation: University of Essex
Project: Accountability for acts of lethal autonomous robots
Supervisor: Professor René Provost
Tanya on

Geneviève Renard Painter

Email: genevieve.painter [at]
From: USA & UK
Previous Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley
Project: The Law of Belonging: Race, Gender, Indigeneity, & Temporality
Supervisor: Professors Mark Antaki & Kirsten Anker
Geneviève on

Marina Sharpe

Marina Sharpe

Email: marina.sharpe [at]
From: Canada
Previous Affiliation: University of Oxford
Project: The Relationship Between Freedom of Movement and Refugee Protection
Supervisor: Professor François Crépeau
Marina on and on Marina on SSRN

Alain-Guy Sipowo

Email: alain.tachousipowo [at]
From: Canada/Cameroon
Previous Affiliation: Laval University
Project:  Responsibility to protect of multinational corporations for human rights violations abroad
Supervisor: Professor René Provost
Alain-Guy on SSRN

Olga Stelmakh

Email: olga.stelmakh [at]
From: Ukraine
Previous Affiliation: Space Policy Institute, Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University
Project 1: Global Space Governance for Sustainable Space Development and Space Security
Project 2: Game-Changing Paradigm of Commercial Space: Renaissance of the Legal and Regulatory Framework
Supervisor: Professor Ram Jakhu
Olga on and on Research Gate