Computerized Exam Clinics - Fall 2022

The Student Affairs Office is holding a series of 30-minute Exam Clinics for McGill Law students for a week. Staff will walk you through installing Examplify and doing a mock exam to check that the installation went correctly.

There are sessions for first-year students, for upper-years, and sessions for graduate students. Students are invited to drop in the sessions for their specific groups. Be sure to have your laptop or computer ready.

Find out more about Examplify on the SAO’s Computerized Exams page.

The password for Examplify Mock Exam: Pizza1 (case sensitive).

PDF icon Exam Information presentation Fall 2022

First-year BCL/JD students

25 November

  • 13:05-14:25 

30 November

2 December

Upper-year BCL/JD students

28 November

2 December

Graduate students (LLM, DCL, GC)

21 November

28 November

2 December


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