Doctoral Program (D.C.L.) in Law

Intensive, selective, and challenging, our doctorate in civil law (D.C.L.) program is ideal for scholars intent on deepening and broadening their critical understanding of the law, as well as their original engagement with it. Our doctor of law program serves as a a starting point for those planning to pursue academic careers, or equivalent positions of leadership and expertise in other areas.

McGill's Faculty of Law currently has approximately 70 students in its doctoral program, coming from all around the world. Each year, roughly twelve new students are admitted to this vibrant community.

See our program description and requirements for more information.

Research affiliations

If their area of research is suitable, D.C.L. candidates may be associated with:

Doctoral students at McGill’s Faculty of Law are invited to participate in Faculty Seminars and other workshops as a way to underscore their membership in a community of academic scholars. Most, if not all, of our doctoral students have ambitions to become law professors, and we take great pride in the impressive success of our alumni in realizing those ambitions.