Our Institutes for Graduate Studies

Specialized studies in law

Within the Faculty of Law, two Institutes offer specialized graduate programs that reflect McGill’s historical and unique strengths. The Director of each Institute, together with the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs in Law, oversees the structure and content of its educational programs to ensure a high quality academic experience for graduate students.

Despite the diversity of our graduate programs, our graduate students – whether in the Faculty or in an Institute – spend time together inside and beyond the classroom, which results in an exciting mix of intellectual communities, backgrounds, interests and goals.

You will find below a welcome message from each of the Institute of Comparative Law and the Institute of Air and Space Law.

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The Institute of Air and Space Law

Institute of Air and Space Law - class photo  2008-2009

Recognizing the critical role that legal education would play in facilitating integration of legal standards globally, McGill University established in the Faculty of Law the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) in 1951 to provide graduate legal education for students from around the world.

McGill University’s Institute of Air & Space Law has become a global leader in education, public service, research, and scholarship in the dynamic fields of aviation and space law. Our educational program is taught by some of the most prominent experts in the world. Our library possesses the most comprehensive and unique collection of Air and Space Law documents, books, periodicals and theses available anywhere. In 1996, the Institute received the prestigious Edward Warner Award, the highest distinction in the field of civil aviation awarded by the Council of ICAO. The award was granted "in recognition of the Institute’s significant contribution to the development of international air law".

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The Institute of Comparative Law

Institute of Comparative Law - class photo 2008-2009

Since 1965, the Institute of Comparative Law has played a central role in graduate legal education at McGill, serving as a vehicle for Master’s and Doctoral students pursuing projects with comparative dimensions. Today, the Institute is at the cutting edge of research and teaching from the perspectives of diverse legal traditions and legal systems. In a unique transsystemic legal context, the ICL provides substantial opportunities for investigation and exchange across legal traditions that move beyond the simple acknowledgment or contrast of formal rules in different geographical places. It encourages transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research.

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