CEGEP transcript issues

McGill is experiencing technical difficulties retrieving electronic CEGEP transcripts. Programmers are working on resolving the issue. If your CEGEP transcript is missing, there is nothing that you need to do. No applicant will be penalized for a missing CEGEP transcript. Once the issue is resolved, your file will be updated.

Some email servers are blocking our auto-generated acknowledgement email to applicants.

If you applied over 48 hours ago and have not received an acknowledgement email, kindly write to [at] with your full name and the date that you submitted the application. We will send you a PDF copy of your acknowledgement letter. We regret the inconvenience. This situation does not affect the deadline for supporting documents, which is November 8 for University and Mature applicants.

Our renewed BCL/LLB program

Our renewed curriculum features multiple opportunities for problem-based learning, translation of knowledge into action, and the development of skills for engaged, effective and enlightened jurists.

Find out more or download the flyer [.pdf].

Download our new flyer on the BCL/LLB program

Get some insights, statistics and at-a-glance information about the unique BCL/LLB degree at McGill's Faculty of Law.

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Admission info sessions & events

Come to the Faculty for our information sessions, or meet us in Toronto, New York and elsewhere in Montreal.

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BCL/LLB admissions for 2018

Admissions to the BCL/LLB program begin September 1 and will close November 1 for most candidate categories.

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Law Admissions

Studying Law at McGill

McGill Law students hail from across Canada and around the world. They speak an astonishing array of languages, have varied scholarly backgrounds, wide-ranging life experiences, and are deeply engaged in their communities. They come together in their desire to study in an environment that favours knowledge and dialogue.

Undergraduate studies

For information on studies leading to a first university law degree (our B.C.L./LL.B. program), see our Prospective undergraduate students section.

Graduate studies in law (Master's, Doctor of Law, GC)

For information on advanced studies leading to a doctoral degree (D.C.L.) , master's degree (LL.M.) or graduate certificate, visit the Prospective Graduate Students of the Graduate Studies in Law site.