Courses taught by Professor Kakkar


CHEM 281: Inorganic Chemistry 1
3 Credits. Winter; Pre-requisites CHEM 110 and CHEM 120 or equivalent.
Chemistry: Basic concepts of electronic structure and molecular bonding will be developed and applied to the understanding of common materials. Acid-base chemistry. Survey of the chemistry of the main group elements. Introduction to coordination and organometallic chemistry.


CHEM 400: Independent Study in Chemistry
1 Credit. Fall and Winter; Pre-requisites CHEM 222, CHEM 243, CHEM 281, CHEM 287, plus one course in Chemistry at 300 level or higher.
Restrictions: Registration is restricted to Honours and Majors students in Chemistry and requires the approval of the Director of the Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Chemistry.


CHEM 571: Polymer Synthesis
3 Credits. Winter. Pre-requisites CHEM 302 or equivalent or permission of the instructor.
A survey of polymer preparation and characterization; mechanisms of chain growth, including free radical, cationic, anionic, condensation and transition metal-mediated polymerization, and the effects of these mechanisms on polymer architecture; preparation of alternating, block, graft and stereoblock copolymers; novel macromolecular structures including dendrimers and other nanostructures.