Courses taught by Professor Kakkar


CHEM 281: Inorganic Chemistry 1
3 Credits. Winter; Pre-requisites CHEM 110 and CHEM 120 or equivalent.
Chemistry: Basic concepts of electronic structure and molecular bonding will be developed and applied to the understanding of common materials. Acid-base chemistry. Survey of the chemistry of the main group elements. Introduction to coordination and organometallic chemistry.


CHEM 400: Independent Study in Chemistry
1 Credit. Fall and Winter; Pre-requisites CHEM 222, CHEM 243, CHEM 281, CHEM 287, plus one course in Chemistry at 300 level or higher.
Restrictions: Registration is restricted to Honours and Majors students in Chemistry and requires the approval of the Director of the Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Chemistry.


CHEM 571: Polymer Synthesis
3 Credits. Fall. Pre-requisites CHEM 302 or equivalent or permission of the instructor.
A survey of polymer preparation and characterization; mechanisms of chain growth, including free radical, cationic, anionic, condensation and transition metal-mediated polymerization, and the effects of these mechanisms on polymer architecture; preparation of alternating, block, graft and stereoblock copolymers; novel macromolecular structures including dendrimers and other nanostructures.

CHEM 582: Supramolecular Chemistry
3 Credits. Winter. Pre-requisites CHEM 222, CHEM 381.
Introduction to supramolecular organization will be followed by discussions on the nature of interactions and methodologies to create ordered aggregates of high complexity. Potential of supramolecular chemistry in fabricating smart materials will be explored using specific topics including inclusion chemistry, dendrimers, molecular self-assembly and crystal engineering.




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