Jewish Studies 2012: Refereed Publications and other scholarly activities


Aberbach, David. The European Jews, Patriotism and the Liberal State 1789-1939. Routledge Press (Nov 2012), 348 pages.

Fraenkel, Carlos, Philosophical Religions from Plato to Spinoza—Reason, Religion, and Autonomy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Edited Books

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Sephardism: Spanish Jewish History & the Modern Literary Imagination. Stanford University Press, 2012.

Book Chapters

Fraenkel, Carlos “Reconsidering the Case of Elijah Delmedigo’s Averroism and its Impact on Spinoza” in Renaissance Averroism and its Aftermath: Arabic Philosophy in Early Modern Europe, eds. Anna Akasoy and Guido Guiglioni, Dordrecht: Springer, 2012, 213-236.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Through the Prism of Sepharad: Modern Nationalism, Literary History, and the Impact of the Sephardic Experience” (Introductory chapter), Sephardism: Spanish Jewish History & the Modern Literary Imagination. Stanford University Press, 2012: 1-34

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “The Life and Times of the Picaro-Converso from Spain to Latin America” (chapter), Sephardism: Spanish Jewish History & the Modern Literary Imagination. Stanford University Press, 2012. 143-66.

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Halevi-Wise, Yael. “A Taste of Sepharad from the Mexican Suburbs: Rosa Nissán's Stylized Ladino in Novia que te vea and Hisho que te nazca” in Contemporary Sephardic Identity in the Americas. Eds. M. Bejarano and E. Aizenberg. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse UP, 2012. 184-201.

Refereed Journal Articles

Aberbach, David. “European National Poetry, Islam and the Defeat of the Medieval Church,” Nations and Nationalism, 18:4 (October 2012). pp. 603-623.

Frank, Esther. “Home and Homelessness in the Poetry of Rokhl Korn (1898-1982).”Canadian Jewish Studies, Volume XVIII-XLX: pp 3-13.

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Dictionary Entries and Book Reviews

Caplan, Eric. Review. Zander Sherman. The Curiosity of School. Toronto, Ont: Viking, 2012. The Montreal Gazette, August 10, 2012.

Caplan, Eric. Review. Jonathan B. Krasner, The Benderly Boys and American Jewish Education. Brandeis University Press, 2011. The American Jewish Archives Journal, Volume LXIV (2012), pp. 164-166.

Fraenkel, Carlos. Review. “The Heretic Hebrew” Review of Steven Nadler, A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age for Moment Magazine, January 2012.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Review of “Deborah Starr and Sasson Somekh, “Mongrels or Marvels: The Levantine Writings of Jacqueline Shohet Kahanoff,” Sephardic Horizons 2.1 (2012)

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Review of “Yael Feldman, Glory and Agony: Isaac’s Sacrifice and National Narrative,” Shofar 30.4 (2012). 209-211.

Kaplan, Lawrence. “Ish ha-Halakhah,” Enzyklopadie judischer Geschichte und Kulter, Vol. 3 (2012), pp. 142-146.

Non-refereed Publications

Caplan, Eric. “All is One? Current Theologies.” CCAR Journal, Fall 2012, pp. 213-222.

Caplan, Eric. “Nous ne Sommes Plus Elus: L’election divine dans la pensee et la liturgie de Mordecai Kaplan,” Tenoua, Printemps 2012, pp. 38-40.

Caplan, Eric. “Kaplan’s Approach to Prayer Appreciated and Challenged,” Crosscurrents, March 2012, pp. 50-60.

Fraenkel, Carlos.  “Citizen Philosophers: Teaching Justice in Brazil” Boston Review, January-February 2012. (One of Boston Review’s “Best Essays of 2012.”)

German translation appeared in Lettre International: Europas Kulturzeitung 98, Herbst 2012.

Fraenkel, Carlos.  “In Praise of the Clash of Cultures,” The New York Times, “The Stone”

Philosophy Series, 2 September, 2012.

Fraenkel, Carlos.  “Spinoza in Shtreimels: An Underground Seminar,” Jewish Review of Books, Fall 2012, 38-43 (featured preview in Jewish Ideas Daily, September 4, 2012).

Fraenkel, Carlos. “100 Days of Student Protests in Québec: Printemps Érable or Much Ado About Nothing?” Dissent, May 2012.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. ““A Tale of Five Cities, or Dickens and Me,” The Canadian Jewish News, September 13, 2012. B14-15.

Levy, B. Barry. "Orthodox Bible-Study: The Reality on the Ground,” Conversations, Volume 15 (Winter 2013).

Presentations in Academic Contexts

Aberbach, David. “The French Jews, Patriotism and the Liberal State (1789-1944),” Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University.

Fima, Lea. “The Aspiration for Multiculturalism in Israeli Society as Portrayed By Shmuel and Amir Hasfari in their film, The Schwartz Dynasty.” Conference of the International Association for Israel Studies, Haifa (Israel), June 27, 2012.

Fraenkel, Carlos. “Medieval Philosophy and Sustainability,” Shaar Shalom Inaugural Public Lecture, Dalhousie University, September 20, 2012.

Fraenkel, Carlos. [Hebrew] “Is there a critique of religion in the TTP” Conference in honor of Rachel Elior, Zeev Harvey, and Aviezer Ravitzky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 5-6, 2012.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Invited Discussant: “How to Integrate the Sephardism and Latin American Studies into Jewish Studies Curricula,” 44th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS), Chicago, Dec. 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. The Localization of the 18th Century in European Jewish History: A Singular Perspective. International Conference, “Jewish History and Culture in Early Modern Europe: The 18th Century Reconsidered,” Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Dusseldorf, June 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. Shabbeta’ut, Hassidut, veHaskalah: Edut shel ben hame’ah ha-18. Conference on Jewish Thought and Politics, Van Leer Institute-Hebrew University, Jerusalem, June 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. Reviewing the Making of the YIVO Encyclopedia. Lorry I. Lokey Lecture, Portland State University, April 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. An Eighteenth-Century Jewish Wine Merchant among the Gentiles of Galicia. Tova Yedlin Lecture, Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton. March 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. Record-Keeping in 18th-Century-Galicia: Some Problems of Genre. Research Workshop. Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People. Jerusalem, December 2012.

Kaplan, Lawrence. “‘Even if They Tell You that Left is Right and Right is Left, Listen to Them’: The Multiple Roots and Functions of Daas Torah,” Public Panel on Judicial, Rabbinic and Papal Infallibility, International Conference on “The Divine Courtroom,” Cardozo Law School, New York City, February, 2012.

Kaplan, Lawrence. “On Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together Again: Maimonides’ Evolving Legal Philosophy,” Jewish Law Association, Seventeenth Annual Conference, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, July–August, 2102.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Respondent, “The Multiple Contexts of R. Nahman Krochmal’s Moreh Nebukhei ha-Zeman (Guide of the Perplexed of the Times), Annual Conference, Association for Jewish Studies, Chicago, Ill., December, 2012. 

Kaplan. Lawrence. Workshop on “Different Methods of Teaching Talmud in Israeli Religious-Zionist Yeshivot,” Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization of the NYU Law School, April, 2012.


Fraenkel, Carlos. FQRSC Team Grant for Interdisciplinary Research, 2008–12 ($338.725) “Translation, Transformation, and Transmission in Medieval Cultures”

Co-researchers: J. Fumo, F. Wallis, and R. Wisnovsky

Fraenkel, Carlos. SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2008–12 ($ 81.394)

Project: “Religion as the Handmaid of Philosophy: The Impact of Plato’s Political Thought on the Interpretation of Religion in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern Period.”

Hundert, Gershon. SSHRC; Insight Grant; Experiencing Change: A Galician Jewish Wine Merchant in the 18th Century; April 1, 2012-March 31, 2015. ($80,332).


Visiting Appointments and Fellowships

Aberbach, David. Visiting Associate, Humanities Center, Harvard University (2012).

Gonshor, Anna. Visiting faculty, YIVO/Bard Uriel Weinreich Programme in Yiddish Language and Literature, June 17-July 28, 2012.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Tikvah Fellow: Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization of the NYU Law School, September1, 2011- June 30, 2012. “Different Methods of Teaching Talmud in Israeli Religious-Zionist Yeshivot”

Official Positions in Learned Societies, Journals, Academic Organizations

Fraenkel, Carlos. Subject editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Fraenkel, Carlos. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies (editorial board); one of three series editors of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Conflict, Reception and Mediation, Walter de Gruyter.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Outgoing Chair of the MLA's executive committee for Hebrew Literature (2012).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Member of the executive board of Canadian Society for Jewish Studies

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Advisory board of Sephardic Horizons, an online journal devoted to Sephardic history and literature.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Editorial Board, AJS [Association for Jewish Studies] Review

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Editorial Board, Kwartalnik Historii Żydów (Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw).

Hundert, Gershon. Secretary, American Academy for Jewish Research.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Editorial Board, Continuum Studies in Central and Eastern European Jewish Studies.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Academic Advisory Board, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New ‎York City.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Judaica Europeana Academic Advisory Group.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Academic Committee of the Jewish History in Galicia and Bukovina ‎Project, Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry at ‎the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ‎

Peer Reviewing

Caplan, Eric. Journal of Jewish Education.

Fraenkel, Carlos. Journal of the History of Philosophy; Canadian Journal of Philosophy; Jewish Quarterly Review; Princeton University Press.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. SSHRC Insight Grant Assessor (fields of Latin American Jewish Lits. and Hebrew Literature).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Sephardic Horizons, Journal Article Reviewer (field of Sephardic literature), PMLA Journal Article Reviewer (field of Modern Hebrew Literature).

Hundert, Gershon. Zion (The Historical Society of Israel), Jewish Quarterly Review.

Hundert, Gershon. Review of research proposals for Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Austria; the American Academy in Berlin; the Israel Science Foundation

Hundert, Gershon. External reviewer, School of Historical Studies, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, NJ; Stanford Humanities Center.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Contribution to promotion file, Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Community Lectures

Caplan, Eric. Review of Michael Waltzer’s, In God’s Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible. Shaar Hashamayim Synagogue, October 16, 2012.

Fima, Lea. “The Conflict between Religion and Capitalism in Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s film, Journey to Jerusalem (2003), Israeli Discussion Group, Montreal, Jan. 13, 2011.

Fima, Lea. “Passionate Desire verus Procreation: An Introduction to Haim Tabakman’s film Eyes Wide Open (2009). Diversity Alliance, McGill University, Feb. 17, 2011.

Fraenkel, Carlos. CBC Radio interview with Stephanie Domet for “Mainstreet” on medieval philosophy and sustainability, September 20, 2012.

Frank, Esther. “Rokhl Korn.” Blue Emet Festival- Dorshei Emet Synagogue (Montreal), November 19, 2012.

Gonshor, Anna. "The Yiddish Lower East Side", The Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, June 10, 2012.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Scholar in Residence, KlezKanada, Lantier, Quebec, August 21-25, 2012.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Agnon and His Influence on Hebrew Writers” Group Daled, Sha’ar Shomayim (Oct 14, 2012).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “A Taste of Agnon,” Montreal Book Club (February 7, 2012).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Agnon’s In the Prime of Her Life,” Women’s Book Club (January 31, 2012).

Hundert, Gershon. Guest speaker, Café ve-ivrit, Portland, OR, April 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. Guest Speaker, Congregation Dorshei Emet, Montreal, April 2012.

Hundert, Gershon. Guest Speaker, Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors, Montreal, March 2012.

Official Positions in Community Organizations

Caplan, Eric. Vice-President, Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood.  

Caplan, Eric. Chair, Jacob Zipper Award, Jewish Public Library, Montreal.

Frank, Esther. Member, J.I. Segal literary committee and award ceremony.

Frank, Esther. Member, Yiddish committee- Jewish Public Library, Montreal.

Gonshor, Anna. Member, Yiddish Cultural committee, Jewish Public Library.

Gonshor, Anna. Member, Yiddish Theatre Committee, Segal Centre for the Performing Arts.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Chair: Awards Committee for Prize in Canadian Jewish non-Fiction: J.J. Segal Awards, Jewish Public Library, Montreal.