Jessica Roda

Simon & Ethel Flegg Postdoctoral Fellow

Areas of interest:

Contemporary Jewish Life and Society
Jewish Music
Sephardic and Mizrahi cultures


 B.A, M.A (Sorbonne University)
Ph.D (Sorbonne University-Université de Montréal)
Visiting Scholar (Columbia University and Fordham University, 2017)
Qualification to teach Musicology and History of Music, (National Council of Universities, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, France)
Qualification to teach Anthropology and Ethnology (section 20), (National Council of Universities, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, France)

Jessica Roda has training in musicology, ethnomusicology and anthropology (France and Canada). Her research interests are on the creation and the representation of religious and ethnic identities after social rupture of filiation in the aftermath of war, omission and repression, on heritage-making as well as on intercultural and interreligious dialogue. She is currently doing an ethnography of Ultra Orthodox subcultures of Montreal and New York City, ethnography that leads her to interrogate the challenge and experience of Ultra Religious groups regarding kinship, sexuality, gender and popular culture. Jessica regularly presents her work in the academic, community, and cultural milieu, and has a long experience in collaborative research with cultural and social organizations.

Grant and fellowship:

Étudiants-Chercheurs étoiles, Fonds Société et culture (March 2015)
UQÀM-Respatrimoni Prize 2014 for Ph.D dissertation in Heritage studies (2014)
WISET exchange programme (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) by the Royal Society of Canada and the Science Council of Japan, (2014)
Association for Jewish Studies, Berman Foundation Early Career Fellowships (2016)
Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah and Fondation du Judaïsme Français (FMS-FJF), Fellowship for Ph.D research


Books and guest editor

2017 Se réinventer au présent. Les Judéo-espagnols de France, famille, communauté et patrimoine musical (Reinventing Sephardicness in the present. Family, community and musical heritage). Presses universitaires de Rennes (in press).

2016    “Music and Tourism”. MUSICultures guest editor with Monique Desroches, vol.43, n°2.

2015    Coeditor with Daniela Moisa. La diversité des patrimoines. Du rejet du discours à l’éloge des pratiques. (The Diversity of Heritage. From Rejecting Discourses to Praising Practices). Presses de l’Université du Québec.

In Progress

 “The Mutuality of Suffering and Exclusion as Kinship Among ex Ultra Orthodox Jews”. (article in preparation)

 « Au-delà du religieux ou les coulisses de la frumkeit. Interactions interpersonnelles et transformations sociales » (Beyond Religion or behind the frumkeit. Social Interactions and Transformations). Les communautés juives hassidiques de Montréal, Pierre Anctil et Ira Robinson (eds.), Montréal : Presses de l’Université de Montréal. (article in preparation)

 “The Odyssey of Samy Elmaghribi: Home, Exploration and Return in the Life of the Artist” (avec Stephanie Schwartz). Voices from Within: Literature, Cinema and Arts of Arab Canadians, May Telmissany et Walid El Khachab (eds.). University of Ottawa Press. (article in evaluation)


2017.   « Faire communauté et consolider la filiation par le patrimoine musical. Un regard transnational sur le monde judéo-espagnol. (Building Community and Consolidating Filiation through Musical Heritage. A Transnational Perspective on the Sephardic World). Autrepart. Revue de sciences sociales au Sud, (in press).

 2016.   « Leonard Cohen : un kaddish entre parole et voix ». (Leonard Cohen: a Lyrical and Vocal Kaddish) Les révolutions de Leonard Cohen. Chantal Ringuet et Gérard Rabinovitch (dir.). Québec: Presses de l’Université du Québec, p. 253-261.

 2015.   “Pop Stars as Ambassadors of Sephardic Culture at the Festival Sefarad in Montreal”. Contemporary Jewry, vol.15/1, p. 73-88.

 2014. “Constructing Patrimony, Updating the Modern: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Sephardic Musical Experiences in France”. Music and Minorities - Research, Documentation and Interdisciplinary study of Minorities from around the World. Ursula Hemetek, Essica Marks and Adelaida Reyes (eds.). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar Press, p. 194-114.

 2014.   “Jewish performance as a Means for Constructing the Society of ‘Living Together’”. European Journal of Jewish Studies, vol.8, n°1, p. 104-125.

 2011.   « Des Judéo-espagnols à la machine unesquienne : processus et enjeux de la patrimonialisation » (Sephardim and the Unesco Machine: The Processes and Stakes of Heritage-Making). Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie, vol. 24. Genève: Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie, p. 121-139.

 2011.   « Un mouvement associatif comme nouvel espace de patrimonialisation judéo-espagnole » (An Associative Movement as a New Space for Sephardic Heritage-Making). Mise en scène de territoires musicaux : tourisme, patrimoine et performance, Monique Desroches and al (eds.). Montréal: Presses de l’Université de Montréal, p. 243-259.