Department Chair

Undergraduate Course Advisor

Yael Halevi-Wise

Email: yael.haleviwise [at]
Tel: 514-398-1013

Eric Caplan

Email: eric.caplan [at]
Tel: 514-398-6544



'Who does What' by Topic

 Detailed list of 'Who does What by topic' in the Administrative Service Center, Leacock II. Please contact the Area Manager if the topic you are looking for is not listed.


For technical assistance with student affairs, please contact:

mitali.das [at] (Mitali Das)

Undergraduate & Graduate Jewish Studies


Leacock 712

connie.digiuseppe [at] (Connie Di Giuseppe)

Manager, Student Affairs


Leacock 713


Human Resources and Operations:

erin.henson [at] (Erin Henson) Manager 514-398-6847 Leacock 716
shameem.mooradun [at] (Shameem Mooradun) Administrative Coordinator 514-398-6543 Leacock 717


franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) Manager 514-398-6845 Leacock 719
jody.anderson [at] (Jody Anderson) Administrative Coordinator 514-398-3872

Leacock 718

fataneh.fasihalzaman [at] (Fataneh Fasih) Administrative Coordinator 514-398-6848 Leacock 718