Yael Halevi-Wise

Department Chair

Yael Halevi-Wise

Email: yael.haleviwise [at] (Yael Halevi-Wise)
Tel: 514-398-1013

Course Advisor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ula Madej-Krupitski

Email: ula.madej-krupitski [at] (Ula Madej-Krupitski)

Christopher Silver

Director of Graduate Studies

Christopher Silver

Email: chris.silver [at] (Christopher Silver)
Tel: 514-398-5748


Student Affairs

Name Position Phone Office
franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) Manager, Student Affairs


Leacock 712

jessica.ward2 [at] (Jessica Ward) Undergraduate & Graduate Jewish Studies 514-398-2844  

Human Resources and Operations

Name Position Phone Office
TBA Manager 514-398-6847 Leacock 716

rosa.rodriguezcordova [at] (Rosa Rodriguez)

Administrative Supervisor 514-398-6543 Leacock 717


Administrative Coordinator    


Name Position Phone Office
joseph.hakim [at] (Joseph Hakim) Manager 514-398-4285 Leacock 719

cynthia.romanyk [at] (Cynthia Romanyk)

Research Finance Administrator (FST): provides direct support and guidance to researchers relating to financial administration of research grants and contracts. Acts as the researcher's primary contact for all post-award concerns; liaises with Financial Services and other units within the University.  514-398-4400
ext. 094616
Leacock 715
fataneh.fasihalzaman [at] (Fataneh Fasih) Anthropology and Sociology 514-398-6848

Leacock 718

radha.singh [at] (Radha Singh) History & Classical Studies and Jewish Studies 514-398-3872

Leacock 718

jody.anderson [at] (Jody Anderson) ON LEAVE History & Classical Studies and Jewish Studies 514-398-3872

Leacock 718

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