McGill Password Reset FAQs

The list below covers some Frequently Asked Questions that users have asked when changing a McGill Password.

I use a resource account, can I change its password?

Only the sponsor/owner of a resource account can change the password. If that's you, then use Reggie to make the password change (follow the instructions in the FAQ below).

Help! I can't log into Minerva to change the McGill Password.

Not all users can use Minerva to change a McGill Password. If you are trying to change the McGill Password of a Resource Account or you are an Affilate, you must use Reggie instead.

  1. Go to Reggie > Change Account Information.
  2. Select McGill Password.
    • McGill Username: enter the account's McGill Username or Short Username
    • McGill Password: enter the account's password
  3. Click Next.
  4. Follow the instructions to change the password. It will take effect immediately. After doing so, follow Step 2 and onwards of the Password Reset Checklist, which helps you identify various IT services, such as wireless or VPN, where you might have saved the password.