IT Service Catalog - Testing of navigation prototypes

This past spring we brought together students, faculty and staff members to help us refine the terminology and categories used to present our catalogue of IT services. We have since developed a few different prototype navigational structures, and we want to test them out with you.

When and where does testing take place?

We would like to conduct the testing sessions during the two week period from June 11 to June 22. There are three options for participating:

1. In person: Ideally we would like to schedule a 15 to 20 minute session with each individual, in which you will be asked to figure out where to go for information or to get help on a variety of technology-related topics.

2. Synchronous, over the web: If you are not able to meet us in person, we can schedule a remote web conference so that we can talk with you while you navigate through the different prototypes.

3. Asynchronous, over the web: If you are interested, but not able to meet us in person or schedule a web conference, you can do the testing remotely, through a web-based app that records your movements and mouse clicks. This gives us valuable information about where you choose to click, but doesn't allow us to ask detailed questions about your thinking.

Sign up here and we will confirm the date and time.

Choose up to four dates and time slots when you are available. Each session will be approximately 20 minutes.

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