Data Privacy Month 2021: Data Privacy in an Era of Change

Celebrate Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2021

Data Privacy Day on January 28 highlights the value of personal information.

Data Privacy Day ChampionChanging laws and the new realities of remote work are altering how we need to act to protect the privacy of others. As an official 2021 Data Privacy Day champion, McGill IT Services invites you to learn how to care for your and other people’s personal data in this era of change with a workshop, presentationcontest for students, and a myriad of tips.

Man participating in web conference

How to Secure Meetings and Webinars

Security and conferencing tools workshop

When you host a class, webinar, or event using web conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex, or Teams, the privacy of those attending and the security of the event are as important as the content you are sharing.

IT Services invites you to attend this session to learn how to secure your online meetings and webinars so that you can do your part in protecting the privacy of the participants as well as the intellectual property being presented.

Serving as your guides will be experts in each supported conferencing tool (Zoom, Teams, and WebEx) joined by Carla D'Alessandro, Director responsible for IT Governance.

When: Friday, January 22, 12:05 - 1:00 pm

Register (open to members of the McGill community)

  • Unable to attend? Register anyway and we will send you a recording of the event.

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“Future Reform of Privacy Laws in Canada”

Privacy Day guest speaker presentation

The Canadian government’s proposed Digital Charter Implementation Act (“Bill C-11”) will significantly overhaul Canada’s federal privacy laws, giving individuals more control over their personal information, imposing new requirements on organizations to comply with data-protection rules, and granting Federal data protection authorities massive new enforcement powers.

To help untangle the implications of these changes to Canadian society and you, McGill IT Services is pleased to welcome Allen Mendelsohn, B.C.L., LL.B., MBA, LL.M., McGill Law lecturer and lawyer specializing in internet law.

When: Thursday, January 28, 12:05 - 1:00 pm

Register (open to public)

  • Unable to attend? Register anyway and we will send you a recording of the event.

woman wearing wireless headset

4 Weeks | 4 Prizes | 4 Reasons to opt in to 2FA

Contest for students

Here are 4 reasons why students should get two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their McGill accounts:

  1. 2FA ensures no one can access your account unless they have both your password and your phone/device.
  2. By protecting your account, you make it significantly harder for cyber attackers to access your data… 2FA is your additional safety net.
  3. Protecting your account also protects McGill’s network and institutional data.
  4. A chance to win one of 4 high-fidelity noise cancelling Bluetooth headsets!

The contest runs for 4 weeks from Jan 18 to Feb 11, 2021

How to enter

Simply go to the 2FA website, opt in, and follow the instructions to set up your 2FA preferences. Be sure to read the FAQs and instructions carefully.

The contest is open to students who do not yet have 2FA enabled.

See the 2FA website for complete contest rules.

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