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Request to receive incoming fax via XMedius

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This form should be filled by the Telephone Coordinator of a unit to request a new fax number, or request that an existing analog fax number be converted to receive incoming faxes via XMedius.

IMPORTANT: Analog fax lines to be maintained for PCI (payment card industry) communication purposes

Please note that the transmission and reception of sensitive information, such as credit card information related to a McGill Merchant account, must respect PCI compliance standards; this is not the case for XMedius. If you are currently receiving/transmitting sensitive information by fax in relation to a McGill merchant account, please make sure to keep this analog fax line active until further notice.

Once the XMedius fax request is completed, a member of the Service Desk will contact you to notify you that the change is in effect. From that moment on, incoming faxes will be received through a resource account email, with the address of the format ORG-DEPT-FaxNumber [at] mcgill.ca (e.g., 043-NCS-5143981111 [at] mcgill.ca). You will be given access to that resource account mailbox and can add or remove other delegates to manage incoming faxes for your unit.


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