Report Phishing and Other IT Security Incidents

To report IT security incidents

Contact the IT Service Desk at 514-398-3398 for immediate help.

Some common examples of IT security incidents include:

  • User or resource account compromise
  • McGill website compromised or defaced
  • Work devices infected with malware, viruses or ransomware
  • Unauthorized use or access of McGill resources, devices, and/or data

If the incident involves bullying, harassment or other potential risks to the health and safety of individuals, please contact McGill Security Services at 514-398-3000 immediately.

Lost or stolen devices

For lost or stolen devices, contact McGill Security Services at 514-398-3000, or visit the Security Services Lost and Found site.

Suspicious emails

ATTENTION: If you have already clicked a link or opened a file attachment in a suspicious email, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately by calling 514-398-3398. 

You can quickly report a suspicious email by using the Report Message, Report Junk, or Report Phishing buttons in any Outlook app, including Outlook on the web ( 

Note: If the email is already in your Junk Email folder, you do not need to report it. 

For more details, see Report suspicious emails

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