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myCourses gets a new look

Published: 12 Jun 2013

The new myCourses Learning Management System has been in use for a full academic year, and we are now considering a first upgrade for Fall 2013.

Why so soon? 

The upgrade will bring an updated interface, and multiple improvements and new features that instructors and students have requested, ranging from the ability to allow students to submit assignments late, to drag and drop uploading functionality. A comprehensive list of changes and improvements to the system is available on the LMS website.

How will the decision be made? 

IT Services is working with the vendor to test the implications of the upgrade on myCourses. We are currently targeting fall 2013 for implementation.  However, this will only go ahead if existing content and courses will not be affected. Otherwise, the upgrade will be postponed to minimize inconvenience to instructors and students.

When will the decision be made?

A decision will be made the week of June 17th and announced shortly thereafter, and a subsequent communication will provide timelines.

We know how essential myCourses is to instructors and students and want to assure you of our full support throughout the upgrade. All course materials from the current system will stay in myCourses after the upgrade, and a range of learning and support resources will be available. 

As we work towards providing an engaging and supportive teaching and learning environment, your questions are welcomed at ITsupport [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

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