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Use wpa.mcgill.ca for a secure, encrypted wireless connection

Published: 14 Jun 2012

If you are still connecting to the McGill Wireless Network using the unencrypted SSID (network name): “mcgill.ca” you should instead configure your laptops, smartphones and other devices to connect using the WPA (Wi-Fi protected Access) protocol: “wpa.mcgill.ca”.

Find step-by-step instructions to set up wireless connections for various devices and operating systems at: http://kb.mcgill.ca/it/wireless, under the How to request/access section.

Why switch?

Use of the older, unencrypted, connection puts you at risk because all the data you send over the wireless is in clear text that can easily be intercepted by a hacker.  Information such as the websites you visit, your IP address, usernames and passwords entered on non-secure protocols (HTTP, IMAP and POP3) are at risk.

In addition, each time you connect to the “mcgill.ca” SSID you need to enter your McGill username and Password. With the wpa.mcgill.ca SSID your credentials are stored on your computer and do not need to be keyed in each time you connect.

If you have any questions, please contact the ICS Service Desk.

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