New features for WMS sites


Attention Managers of Web Management System (WMS) sites:

Starting Tuesday, December 21, the following new features will be added to WMS websites:

  • Streamlined administrative interface including reduced menu redundancy.
  • Advanced layout options will be available through a drop-down selection (instead of having to add the code manually):
    • add accordions (paragraphs or sections of content that are expanded and collapsed by the end-users)
    • add tabbed UI (horizontal tabs appearing within a page)
    • split content area into two column layout
  • Custom path feature – allows you to specify a custom path for a  page, similar to the Page Title in the old WPS.  This allows you to create shorter URLs even for pages that have long names.
  • Recursive path generation – fixes the URLs of child pages, so that they always reflect the menu hierarchy even when the parent page is moved within the menu structure.
  • Identical paths for migrated sites – When MWS sites are migrated from WPS sites, the paths (URLs)  will be identical to those used in the WPS site.

Note that these changes will not have any immediate effect on the experience of end-users viewing  live sites.

Documentation in the IT Knowledge Base will be updated in the following weeks to reflect these changes. If you have any questions about the new features or any aspect of the Web Management System, please contact the ICS Service Desk ( [at]