McGill Anti-Spam Quarantine System - for all staff beginning Feb. 20, 2008


Beginning on February 20, 2008, McGill staff email addresses ending in will be automatically filtered for spam using the McGill Anti-Spam Quarantine system, and users will be subscribed to receive the daily quarantine digest. If you have previously opted out of the quarantine method, you will not be affected by this change.

All emails coming from outside McGill are currently filtered by the anti-spam system using either the quarantine or tag and pass methods. The quarantine method keeps messages that are considered likely to be spam on a quarantine site, instead of delivering them to your email client. The daily digest allows you to see which messages have been quarantined.

The anti-spam quarantine site ( provides features for viewing and delivering blocked messages, blocking selected senders, approving selected senders, and more. Although it is not recommended, you can "opt out" of the quarantine system via this website; in this case, all email will be treated using the tag and pass method described in the anti-spam article below and delivered to your mailbox.

For additional details on how McGill's anti-spam system works refer to the "Anti-spam System" article in the "Email & Calendaring" section of the IT Knowledge Base at

Note: Affiliates, Student and Alumni email addresses ending in "" have already been automatically opted into the quarantine system and are not affected by this change.

If you have questions, please contact the ICS Service Desk at Support.IST [at]